New me, New habits: Day 64

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no sugar

Lunch : Had lunch with my sister-in -law who is visiting London. We drive to a pub only to find that it is permanently closed (thanks for nothing Yelp!) and then stroll around until the restaurants open for lunch.

To  stave off the hunger pains we get a healthy drink – nut milk. (still think “nut milk” sounds gross) from the Roots Juicery



I had a chocolate cashew nut milk – and no it doesn’t realty taste like chocolate.  I mean it sort of does if you put half a teaspoon of nesquik into a massive glass of mmilk and then made the milk taste nuttier.  I would drink it again though.img_7724The orange “shot” was turmeric and giner and orange. It was about 40% turmeric, or at least it tasted like that – very strong and spicy! but it’s only 3 secs of your life so worth it for the health kick.

For lunch we went to a place called the Barnyard.img_7727This was a carbonated beverage – quite medicinal with a slight aniseedy taste  – might be good with some Gin.

img_7729Cauliflower cheese – light on cheese but big on flavour

img_7730Some amazeballs crispy chicken wings with smoked paprika, garlic and lemon.  The lemon is very present without it being the only thing you taste – very nice and crispy

img_7728Salmon fishcake with fennel – meh

img_7731Total surprise, but apart for the chicken wings, this was my favourite dish.  a Refreshing and crunchy Chicory salad with lovage, mint and lemon.  This would be amazing in a burger.

Dinner:  Ahh Fridays – when you are quiet, I make good choices, but if you are manic, then woe betide my diet and digestive heath for the day.  Today was one of those days.  I went for a pizza picante with pepperoni, olives, mushrooms and spicy sausage.  Is it healthy if the pizza you order is made from good fresh ingredients or is it still just pizza that you should really not eat?




New me, New habits: Day 63

Breakfast: tea with milk and no sugar, some watermelon pieces – trying to get in my five a day!


Exercise: I’m so glad when I get to type this entry – I did a 45 minute Jillian Michael Total Body Cardio Fat Blast I found on DailyMotion.

img_7715Post workout I do indulge in a Chocolate Milk that I found hiding in the fridge!

Lunch: Had another spelt toastie ham and cheese sandwich.  I wish I could eat more for lunch but it always makes me sleepy – not ideal when I start work at 16:30!

Dinner: Wagamama was on my mind all afternoon, then when I checked out their menu I was going to go for one of the salads, but then noticed they have some new flavour steamed Hirata buns- Karaage with fresh tomato – so of course I have to try!

 It was very delicious! (Despite my god awful blurry picture)

I also get a kids size chicken yaki soba as well – cheap and cheerful

New Me, New Habits, Day 61

Breakfast: tea with milk and no sugar, some pomegranate pieces


Lunch: Had a spelt toastie sandwich – ham, gouda and cucumber


Dinner: Decide on pasta tonight. Had some mixed steamed vegetables (didn’t eat the potatoes though) with a light balsamic vinigarette coating and also had a rigatoni All’Amatriciana which had tomato, pecorino and guanciale and made for a tasty  pasta.  Also ordered a Berry smoothie as I was feeling in a fruity mood!  And I needed something sweet and didn’t want to go for chocolate.




New me, New habits: Day 62

Breakfast: tea with milk and no sugar
Lunch: My brother and future sister-in-law arrived in London today – very excited!  After we drop off their stuff and a quick cup of tea we go for a nice brisk stroll  along the River Thames.  I have no photo evidence for this as I left my phone at home, but I had an (ok) jacket potato with cheese and beans (very meagre on the cheese and beans) at the Bulls Head – although we did have a lovely view of the river and some nice comfy Chesterfield couches so that helped


Dinner: Wow, what a busy evening at work!  I didn’t even get around to ordering until 19:45 and when I did, I immediately regret after I submitted my order.  Why?  I ordered curry.  Now I love curry, but I seem to only really enjoy the meal when I go out to a restaurant.  Somehow I am always disappointed with the food and at myself for ordering something unhealthy (I order a chicken curry but a shit ton of bread – garlic naans and parathas galore).  And so that is what happened today.  No photo evidence as I am ashamed to have given in to my temptation, which wasn’t even really what I wanted!.

New Me, Ne Habits: Day 60

Wow I cant’ believe I’ve been boring you for 60 days with what I have been putting in my mouth!

After a brief lookback, I realise that I am way behind in my formation of new habits.  It’s also October which means that 2017 is round the corner, and I need to get my act together!  This week that will change!

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no sugar and some coconut pieces

Lunch: Pea and Ham soup with some extra frozen peas and extra bits of ham chucked in

Dinner: I really like this Godo restaurant – mostly for their very cute jars that I intend to store dry ingredients in like my chia seeds and hemp seeds and other seeds we all need to eat.  I choose a pork with pasta, and am a little surprised when I receive it as it is like a carbonara – I’m not complaining though, carbonara is my favourite kind of pasta!





New me, New habits: Day 58-59

Day 58

Breakfast: sleep

Lunch : ummm sleep?  I had a late night and it’s the weekend.
Dinner: had some friends round and were trying to figure out what to order in – scrolling down Deliveroo we came across Azeri Restaurant – Russian.  Interesting! I have never had Russian takeout before!  We decide to order a whole host of traditional dishes.

img_7678Clockwise from top left: pickled red cabbage (way too sour), salade oliveh (ok, but had better, I prefer with cornichons in it), pickled cucumbers, some sort of Russian salsa (spicy), Vareniki (mashed potato dumplings), buckwheat (strangely tasted like textiles and fabric – maybe because one of my pillows is made of buckwheat!)

img_7677Clockwise from top left: Meat filled blinis (ok, meat was pretty indistinguishable and I was expecting cocktail blinis), grilled chicken, grilled meats (chicken, lamb – all quite dry, not great) and the obligatory takeway salads

Day 59

Breakfast: sleep – I do love my sleep!

Lunch : Bae woke me up with this delicious looking late breakfast


Dinner: Had a lovely Roast Chicken Dinner – Roasted vegetables, potatoes and Yorkshire puddings- yes, Yorkshires are pretty unhealthy – flour milk and water but they make perfect parcels to stuff with chicken and gravy!



New me, New habits: Day 57

Breakfast: treated myself to a hot chocolate because 1st world problem today.


Lunch : I had leftover curry from last night that I wanted to make into a nice soup


It was far watery than I would have liked – and some bread would have gone down a treat but I didn’t have bread and wasn’t about to go buy more gluten – tasted like a weak Thai green curry.


Dinner:  I wasn’t really in the mood for anything in particular so went with Nandos and had some wings and the Macho Peas which I love – I wonder why peas are not utilised more as an ingredient – especially in something sweet – they are delicious and so good for you!



New me, New habits: Day 56

Breakfast: Tea with milk, no sugar but honey


Lunch : had quite a Japanese feast for lunch – pumpkin katsu (yummy and sweet), duck gyoza (nice, but too much Hoisin), sashimi and sushi.  My brain says thanks

Dinner: Decided to go with some organic Italian – bowtie pasta with a spicy tomato sauce


New me, New habits, Day 55

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no sugar


Lunch : Had some flavoured Proper Corn I wanted tot try that was Fiery Worcester sauce and sun -dried tomato flavour – it was not worth it.  The spice tasted like an artificial tomato and I didn’t get much Worcester sauce from it.  I will stick to sweet and salt next time

img_7676Also had a big bowl of yoghurt, muesli and blueberries to get the taste of Worcester out of my mouth

Dinner: Pizza Express – because I treat my tastebuds good



New me, New habits: Day 54

 Breakfast: 2 x tea with milk and no sugar ( I was cold this morning!)

Lunch: Today I am so proud of my lunch.  Despite the fact I didn’t make it myself.  It is a combination of two very healthy salads.  The Nandos Supergrain salad and the Pizza Express Superboost side

Pizza Express: is a great source of fibre and protein, low in saturated fat and bursting full of flavour – including green lentils, edamame beans, red quinoa, black rice, chickpeas, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, rocket, peppers, red onion and kale

Nandos: Grains, greens and beans with avocado chunks and an avocado & buttermilk dressing. Packed with the good stuff – wheatberry, freekah, edamame, kale and more

combined = a big bowl of Health!!

Dinner:  I wanted to continue on the healthy trend.  I have set my food filter to healthy so I am not tempted by all the curry and pizza on offer.  I decide to try Chopped.

Harissa chicken & falafel mixed leaf salad: roast chicken, chickpeas, harissa paste, baked falafel, baked sweet potato, roast red peppers, mint & tarragon