Why So and So?

I am a cynical person, but I also see the best in people. Sounds a bit like a contradiction, let me explain. I try to see all people as beautiful beings that are, like me, extensions of the godhead universal conciousness of which we are all a part. But that’s another story.

My cynicism was borne out of years of trying to find ways to organise my life, focus on my goals, achieve enlightenment, have financial security and coming up short or getting frustrated in the process. So now I feel like I have now turned in the right direction and will now start a journey that will help me achieve the above but first and most important, fur fire out how the hell to do that. Lately pieces of my life have been falling more into place and I have more clarity than I did before, call it getting older and wiser perhaps but I feel that I want to document this process to help myself and perhaps maybe help others who can see my mistakes and how to learn for they say a wise man learns from others mistakes and a fool leaned from his own, or something along those lines.

Right! Let’s begin. The whole thing started with the name, as someone who is extremely introspective, I was ruminating on my life one day (the day I write this) and the many possibilities and why I couldn’t  get myself to spur to action. then I thought about My So Called Life, a hugely popular series in the 90’s about the brutality of high school life and and those all important teenage emotions. I never really identified with the series tbh, everyone else was mad about it but I just liked Jared Leto, though I thought his character  was a bit of a dick, but then I started thinking is my life a so called life? If it is, is it so called anything? What is life?! But I digress, as I tend to, and so often it boils down to how I see my life and  am I happy in my life. I am lucky to have great family, great friends and a great boyfriend, but I am not fully satisfied.  I mean it’s so and so right now in that I have all these ideas and somehow can’t seem to put it into action, then I thought about what so could mean, maybe it could be a blog, yes! I’d write about what I want my life to be, so that so and so means something better!  After trying yet another productivity and goal setting app they talked about core values, which made sense when trying to sort your life out as it helpfully breaks it into sections you can then focus on with more clarity to set goals and such. So and So had to represent my core values and I needed it to fit the title. Simplified and Organized was easy, as life hacks are my thing and this fits into my personality and how I would like my life to be. Then I picked Successful because, well, everyone wants financial security, and finally Organic because food is life, organic is best and I plan to post a LOT about food. Also food is a genuine source of happiness for me and almost the entire planet, so win win really.
So to summarise; the main content will be about food and recipes, ways to save money, sometimes both, cool life hacks and reviews of all of the above.
Not a perfect summation but maybe I could add things later like my so & so & si? As in spiritual and (insert aspirational adjective beginning with “I” here) – “But no! I must focus and clarify goals, they must be S.M.A.R.T! Keep it to four only!” – this struggle is just one example of the many you will see on this blog.

Well that’s the reasoning behind this blog. I hope you do stay tuned and enjoy, and feel free to send messages as I am not brave enough to have comments posted…yet! Or is that not how this works?…Bye for now, Hi again later.


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