Exercise and staying on the treadmill

I’ve had a healthier year than most overall but lately have been eating the wrong foods and too much, and the daily exercise that was starting to become a daily thing has fallen by the wayside a bit. 

Great news then, when I see a link pop up in one of my RSS feeds for a ten minute workout. 

I’ve tried the seven minute workout, got into it for a few weeks but then started doing other exercises like weights and planks. It’s no joke, and I’ve heard great things about HIIT; that’s High Intensity Interval Training, of which 15 minutes is supposed to be more effective than 60 minutes of regular cardio or something like that. It certainly feels like it. Plus once you start working out its always easier to finish and extend your workout, which I always do “Yes! I love exercise! Why don’t I do this all the time?! This is great!” 

So I have this blog now, maybe I can keep up the consistency and I am already finding this process of documenting aspects of my life interesting, and also compelling in the way that it inspires and motivates me to do well but also invites questions on privacy and how much to share. 

I will aim to do this workout at the very minimum once a day and will keep reporting back.  Express Morning Workout by Glamour

Ten minutes is nothing! Starting is half the task! Stay on the treadmill!

From a fitter time earlier this year after Bae and I finished a charity 5k – must remember this feeling of satisfaction and achievement to motivate me to get back to that and more! (Even though I had run 5ks before I was seriously lagging behind and Bae kept having to wait and jog on the spot though this was when I still smoked)

And finally another instance of the above motivational message – I love this one and repeated exposure is supposed to help!

Bye for now, hi for later xx


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