Healthy (ish) breakfast

  • Hovis Best of Both bread – bread is not great and I try to avoid it when I can but I figure that eating in the morning is better than any other time of day
  • Cucumber – I love cucumber, a necessary component of any type of sandwich. Common knowledge that it’s healthy to eat
  • Philadelphia garlic and herb cream cheese (this one is low fat as it happened to be in the fridge but I prefer full fat – better flavour and less sweeteners and other stuff in it, the right fat in moderation is better than low or no fat all the time
  • and finally a lovely cuppa tea – Yorkshire brand is my fave, with no sugar and full fat milk (if I am having a bad day I treat myself with some honey, and if you think no sugar in tea is hard consider this, I used to put SEVEN heaped teaspoons when I was younger, loved that sugary poisonous sludge before I knew what was good for me! So anyone can do it!!)

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