10 Ways to Improve your Resilience

This article I found by Rebecca Howard contains simple hacks, yet when I thought about some of them, I realised I think I’m doing something when I actually am not, as in the case of 6, 7 and 8 – “Give up being perfect”, “Don’t judge or blame yourself”, and “embrace failure”.  These all seem to centre around being a perfectionist, something of which I am coming to the realisation that this is not natural.

Being myself is much better.

Though that’s not to say that I don’t still try to improve myself and my bad habits – I do have a LOT, and so I don’t want to say “this is me, like it or lump it’, especially when it comes to habits of lifestyle, and even MORE so when that habit is detrimental to me, whether I want to accept it or not. (Usually not – it’s so much easier to say f**k it, let’s get two battered sausages and chips, and ice cream  –  but it’s only worth it for about 5 minutes at the beginning of the meal) I want to be me without the bad habits; the best possible version of me.

On the road to self-improvement , it’s easy to kid ourselves along the way and say that we are getting better.  But I find these lists useful as it reminds me to be vigilant not to fall into old modes of self limiting beliefs.

Have a look a the full article below from The Times and let me know which hack on the list is the best!

10 Life Hacks to help you beat Stress (The Times)


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