Mondays are always newer

I thought I would start on a Monday – it’s always easier to start on a Monday.

New start to the week, new start to my new, healthier life!

One of my current workout challenges is my location. Currently I am house and pet sitting so am staying in a different location to my home so my workout has to adjust.
Bae suggested finding a place that has an outdoor gym, like workout areas, and after a little searching on tinternet, found that Paddington Recreation Ground was the closest.
After a quick cup of coffee, with no milk (not intentional, milk expired quickly this time) and a little honey powder, oh and also I tried out some coconut oil in it (which makes it smell great but I am not sure about the oiliness, it reminded me of a coffee broth soup, although on be plus side, my lips were moisturizer with a wonderful coffee coconut flavour) However the coconut oil in coffee is not really for me, although I did feel more energetic than usual after a cup of coffee. I will stick to eating a big spoonful every day (I keep it in the fridge so its really hard and love the texture as I “crunch” it, like coconut candle wax.)
We started by jogging to the grounds, I calculated it as 1.5 miles (most direct) on Google Maps but Bae thought that we should run by the canals through Little Venice as it is prettier, so it was closer to two miles. Worth it though, the sun was shining (for once!) and the canal boats all looked so pretty, doors and windows adorned with blooming flowers of all colours.
I must say that for someone who has never run long distance, I find it hard to keep up with Bae. I decide that my first short term goal is to keep up the pace so he doesn’t have to slow down for me. (which is all the time basically; I tell him he’s a natural runner.)
This is achievable in a short period of time, plus I love me some competition and it does pain me a little when I see him running off into the distance, eating his dust.
I arrive at the grounds pretty short of breath; as the machines are spread out throughout the park we try one machine then walk to the next one. Some of the machines are better than others though I would prefer them to be all in one place.
After the machines and some strolling through a garden centre – where I see Hermione from Harry Potter (my third celebrity sighting in my life!) we jog a more gently home (my request of course) passing by Tescos to pick up some yoghurt and fruit smoothie.
Breakfast afterwards (had the coffee and a big spoon of cashew butter before) was bacon and eggs, no salt or pepper or anything and a handful of blueberries and raspberries while I made a quick granola parfait for Bae.
I had plans to also do my squats and planks but tbh felt a bit wiped after today, It’s been hard to get back into the rhythm of things since  being slightly traumatized from when I last did some exercise. Just recently I was in Atlanta where I went to a free boot camp class with my sister and sister-in-law. I was not prepared for the searing heat of the Atlanta sun and doing everything practically outdoors with minimal fans. It was brutal so I tapped out ten minutes early (even the water in the taps in the restroom was hot!) and waited in the cool air conditioned car while my sisters finished. My body decided it would be more polite to wait until they arrived back at the car just in time for my loud and violent throwing up so that I could have spectators to this wondrous event, with two equally spectacular encores.
Needless to say I didn’t do much exercise after that except swimming in the pool. My small and only moment of vindication came when my sisters told me that yes, the heat is intense and agreed that these are horrific conditions for a boot camp.
I feel accomplished in the nearly two miles ran, two miles walked, and only two breaks in the running! Tomorrow I will incorporate my favourite strength exercises.
The running will continue, as will my daily struggle towards my soandsolife
Stay tuned, Bye for now

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