My usual breakfast

Yoghurt is a great food, good for the skin, digestive system and lots of other things.

However not all yoghurt is created equal, I wish I could find one with no sugar but after scouring all the high street supermarkets, found that all have sugar.

I avoid any flavoured yoghurt because they have way too much sugar (7g is equal to one teaspoon of sugar). Also low or 0% fat also seems to contain more sugar.  I tend to buy Waitrose own brand Greek strained natural yogurt as it has 3.7g sugar per 100g.

In terms of what to put; fruit is always a yes! raspberries work well, especially older ones as they smush easily and the juice can be mixed, then it’s like having a raspberry yoghurt.

This bowl had some organic sugar free granola, raspberries and blueberries and yoghurt. No need to add honey or any sugar and your body will get used to it if it doesn’t seem sweet enough at first.


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