Run so I can eat steak and lobster

Tuesday’s run was a scenic run. I had my CBT today (moped and motorcycle training) which ended at 2pm (I passed!), so skipped the morning workout for an afternoon one (no I am not ready for early morning workouts!…yet)
We started with a gentle jog to Hyde Park at which point i was already exhausted (I reach this point very easily and just seem to stay in exhausted mode) then started this run around the Serpentine –
wow it really makes a difference when your surroundings are nice. Early evening is a good time as the heat of the sun is far less that midday, and despite it being rather busy in Hyde Park, it was an relatively uninterrupted run  We took two breaks for about 1 minute each during the approximate two mile run.
I am still waiting for that “good feeling” you get by running – I am currently (and have always been) in the “kill me now, I hate this” phase – will that change at some point?  I hope so. As I am already slowing down Bae with my slower pace, I feel more pressure to not quit and start walking, even though i have an immense urge to more than several times during the run.  I finally give up about 20 feet shy of the finish point,  Bae told me later that if I had pushed myself to finish, he could have waited, but instead started running home.  Determined not to lose him, I started sprinting to catch up, only to nearly lose a lung in the process.
I will admit that I feel a lot better for having done the run, took a while for my face to get back to a normal colour though!  I just wish I cold bottle that post workout feeling of satisfaction and use it as a motivator “ see you will feel like this after a workout, this is why!”
I am starting a new job tomorrow that works during the evenings so this is my last evening free for a while. Bae and I are going to Heliot Steakhouse which used to be the Hippodrome casino, brilliant deal. Glad we worked out before that meal!
£20 for steak, lobster, cocktail and a £50 gaming chip – not bad.  and i will say that the steak was pretty good – I paid £5  extra to upgrade to a filet and it was definitely worth it.
LOL it looks like pretty phallic!
We added the truffled mac and cheese with a duck egg on top.  It was…ok.  The duck egg was overcooked lightly so not oozing out, truffle flavour was well balanced, but it was just a little too oily.  I have been a bit spoiled since I lived in Atlanta for six years and Southerners know how to make damn good mac and cheese!
The lobster was kind of small, but seasoned well.  Not the best, but not the worst.
The chips were like the ones you got at Little Chef – not to say they were bad, just no salt.
The cocktail was just a mimosa, but somehow Bae with his magical powers of negotiation managed to get us two glasses of Prosecco and two cocktails of or choice for free.  (I never like to rock the boat, but that’s probably why I don’t get as much free or discounted stuff!) However, the cocktails here are not great, flavours are not balanced, and too much sweetness or sourness.

 The light was not great but made for a lovely romantic ambience which you cannot see

The gaming chip was basically just a chip that you could place on any number on the roulette table, so the odds weren’t good.
We ended up at the three hand poker table and managed to win back the price of the meal plus £100 on top!
Bae getting our dinner bill back
I would recommend this game above all others.  Last time i was here I won £200  (admittedly I had lost nearly £200 at blackjack so was recapping my losses. Once I was £10  up, I left)

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