A Tourist in my own city: Part 1 – Hyde Park, Kensington Palace side

A green velvety rug upon my walking feet, the busy chatter of couples, families, young persons and old, all enjoying the beautiful evening. We walk past rollerbladers practicing their impressive manuvering around tiny cones along to bouncy cheerful techno music. Children on scooters and hover boards and other new dangled personal transportation device that seem more and more ridiculous, couples on bikes and lots of people and their dogs. In the background, the bass from British Summer Time festival pulsates through the air. British summer in the city is a wonderful thing especially on a day like today. 

We started cycling through the park, around the perimeter before dismounting and continuing by foot. I have never properly walked around the perimeter of Hyde park. It’s about 4.2 miles and while we cycled some of the way (the 30 minute free window on the Santander bikes is useful) we did lots of walking, and discovered some lovely unseen (for me!) parts of Hyde park, pictures below!

Kensington palace gardens

Kensington palace and statue of Queen Victoria 

A lovely view of the Albert Memorial

the below are allegorical sculptures on each corner of the memorial




The Albert Memorial

The Royal Albert Hall

A cool art installation at The Serpentine


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