Curl your hair with (actual) no effort

The weather this week has been pretty crap. Rain, rain, almost everyday. This is typical English July weather. Lucky for me and my hair, it doesn’t frizz when I’m out as I have pretty straight, fine hair. I discovered that when I twist my hair and wrap it into a bun, then go outside when it raining and leave it wet for a bit, when I take it out it gets curly. I am always on the lookout for “lazy girl hairstyling” tips and inadvertently found this gem! So thank you summer showers!

Do you have any hair style tips that are truly easy? I find that a lot of these “easy curl” tutorials involve the same amount of arm aching work that a hairdryer style requires. Would love to hear your tips!

I am also still on the lookout for something I can do that gives me volume on the crown in my head that’s doesn’t involve a ton of back brushing and hair products. If you know of anything hit me up!


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