Making the most of it

What do I usually do with leftovers? 

A sandwich is always the answer! 

Or should I say was. After I experienced some weird skin allergies and reactions last year, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out the cause. I have a history of excema and odd skin reactions over the years, but I’ve learned to manage my excema and the reactions were temporary so when they went away I forgot about it.

At first I thought it might be the detergent, I had also just started dating Bae soon after I moved back and since he used different products, I asked him to switch to my brands of detergent, shampoo, shower gel etc, but no luck. I went down so many paths, even wondering if I were allergic to Bae himself. I bought an allergy test online and sent off my hair to get tested. It came back saying I had a few moderate allergies to rye, bananas and aubergine and mild intolerance to gluten, tomatoes and a few other things. I then proceeded to cut those things out of my diet.

While it didn’t seem to help my skin issues, I found that by cutting out gluten items like breads and pastries (it was so hard – imagine going into a newsagent and just coming out with some babybel and pepperami hot because literally everything espe had some form of gluten), I felt better generally. I didn’t feel so sluggish, my digestive system felt better and no more bloating! 

I am not still gluten free. I find it too inconvenient and to be honest, like to treat myself here and there, but I have definitely cut down and am more aware of the food choices I make. I realised almost all my food choices involved some form of bread (and meat and cheese) so now I try to think of alternative meal ideas instead of the old sandwich route.

In the past I would have made this meal a chicken and sweetcorn sandwich, but today I made a mini summer dinner lunch. 

Teriyaki chicken, grilled Sweetcorn and cornichons and mini picked onions; not a gluten in sight


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