Yoghurt breakfast (kitchen sink optional) and cycling for the fun of it.

What a glorious day! After  a dreary week, the sun came out and London is buzzing.

After a healthy breakfast of my usual yoghurt and everything healthy but the kitchen sink thrown in, I was ready for a bike ride.

Yoghurt with frozen raspberries and blueberries, flaxseed, dried goji berries (that taste like chewy candy when thrown in!) Superseed granola, chia seeds and coconut. Yum!

That should keep me going today. I like to keep my heart rate up throughout the day (so I feel better if I don’t get around to a workout) doing different things, and a cheeky cycle is a great way to work your muscles and see the city. The Santander bikes are good in that they have 3 gears although I always keep it on the third gear as it propels you greater distances, with first and second gear it feels as though you are pedaling but not really going anywhere. The only thing is that since they are so popular the bay’s can be empty during awesome days, but luckily another bay is not far away. And no I don’t work for Santander bikes, I just believe in the power on cycling, especially when 30 minute journeys are free!

English wildflower carpentry at its best

So many pathways have a beautiful “tunnel of leaves”

People watching after a spot of meditation 

When you’re having fun…
In fact I had so much fun that after we enjoyed dinner at a friends house, I wanted to go cycling again. So as midnight rolled on, we jumped on some bikes and went for a light time cycle by the canals and headed up to Little Venice.

I still call them Boris bikes

Little Venice by night

I was trying to record some video but almost rode into the river so decided to stop and take a photo instead.

When in London! (Not my graffiti)


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