Zero hour to transformation

This should have been posted yesterday.

Well I had about three, nearly four blog posts that I had started in the hopes of catching up, since I have been MIA for a bit.

I havent posted for a while because well, nothing much to report. I figured people would get tired of seeing the same old yoghurt shot. In terms of my transformation this has fallen by the wayside.  I mean seriously fallen. My intention is still there, present as ever, making me feel guilty when I don’t have a healthy day.

To be honest, I have been trying to get used to the hours of my new evening job. Since I get to order food from Seamless every night for my dinner, I have not been eating very healthy. I have resisted the urge to order pizza every time, but had to have it a couple of times – Pizza Express is my jam don’t you know?! When I was living in Atlanta I used to fantasize about Pizza Express. And Atlanta does have its fair share of good pizza joints. Antico Pizza and Amazza ar two of my favourites.

So these new working hours have been harder to adjust than I thought, and now I feel like everything I type is an excuse. Because it is; people do far more with far less and no excuses. That is what I want to be like!

In any case, I came across a German proverb a few days ago that perfectly describes why I seem to fail at my transformations that happen seemingly every Monday.

Those who start many things, finish but a few. On my quest for the origin of this proverb, (which I found out is actually Italian) I came across some great German proverbs that really apply to me and my present situation, here are a few of my favourites;

  • Wer zwei Hasen auf einmal jagt bekommt keinen. “He who chases two rabbits at once will catch none.”
  • Aller Anfang ist schwer.  “All beginnings are hard.”
  • Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst. “Starting is easy, persistence is an art.”
  • Erst denken, dann handeln. “First think, then act.”
  • Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund.  “The morning hour has gold in its mouth.”

You can find the complete list here

The quote I was looking for – “He who begins much, finishes little”
I realise that I should focus on just a few things – master them or make them into unconscious habits, then start on a few more.

So come Monday (you know how much I like my metamorphosis Mondays!) I will start yet again

I break down my life into categories, which then have subcategories.

1. Mind and Mental heath

2. Body and physical health

3. Career and wealth

4. Love and Relationships and Family

I decide to focus on body and physical health for the next 21 days as that is how long it takes to create a habit

So lets break this down further;

Body – I consider this more appearance stuff – eyelashes, hair removal etc. – something that I do try to attend to every now and then, but tbh the amount of money you need to throw down every month to maintain is just not worth it for me, so I stick to special occasions or the occasional Groupon offer.  Not a priority – money or effort wise at the moment.

Physical health -is split into two things, energy you consume and energy you expel.

The ONLY way of losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume. This is not my aim, since I don’t need to lose weight, but wanted to throw that out there as it is amazing how many people forget this and turn to get thin quick fixes and the like, – this is unhealthy and you will do your body more harm than good!

My aim is to: tone my muscles and get a little bit leaner – especially around the abdomen area, and eat healthy so that the aim (dream) is to actually enjoy and crave healthy foods.

Since I know how easy I can fall prey to temptations, or bending the rules (it’s just ONE doughnut!), I decide I am going to be super strict and do the no sugar diet again. This was the only time, where I was totally conscious of all my food choices and it started to be a habit until I went on vacation to America – so many deliciously unhealthy options!

“Where my Waffle House at!? Where my Chick Fil-A at?! Holla Taco Bell!”

So to summarise:

Diet: No sugar, No white bread (try to not have any bread really but if I do, make sure its brown – yeah see this is what I mean – I’m just going to do no bread.  No refined flour basically, and No pasta. If I do have sugar from fruit, then it should be limited.

I will also seriously limit my processed meats, so cut down on sausages and ham and other delicious pork products.

Exercise – target my abs and my butt and my arms to a lesser extent. I will post my exercise plan in another post this week

I will post later about my struggles with a no sugar diet and how so many people say no sugar but they don’t actually mean it – very frustrating when looking for recipes, I mean how can you have a no sugar diet if you have chocolate in it? yeah it might be no sugar chocolate but it tastes sweet due to SOMETHING!
Just so this post has at least one picture, I will post the obligatory yoghurt picture. This one is particularly nice though as I jujed it up and put it on a buckwheat cake with frozen fruit and coconut and chia seeds and flaxseed.

Its amazing how much better something tastes when you make it look pretty.


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