New me, New Habits, Day 30

Breakfast: tea with milk and no sugar.  Used the leftovers from yesterday to make round two of mushroom and avocado with egg on gluten free bread

Exercise: started my workout, got about ten minutes through and quit – still the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.  I remind myself to push more tomorrow, especially since I have the luxury of time in the mornings now.

 Lunch: I was lazy today and pimped up a Tesco edamame and bean and pea salad with some chorizo and cucumber.

Then I had a crazy idea – Ispotted the hummus in the fridge and wondered how it would be if I added it to my lunch

I will say I definitely enjoyed this combo!


Ham and Cheese salad sandwich.  I did order a pasta too but was full by the time I finished the sandwich.  I think eating less later in the day is starting to get easier.  Also, I don’t like to stuff myself while I am working as I get a bit tired, so am trying to keep my meals lighter. I did have some sweet and salt popcorn (naughty!) and tbh I didn’t even really need it. I should have drunk a tall glass of water before deciding on that.  Some people say that when you feel hungry, you are actually thirsty and so a big glass of water can help you decide if those are real hunger pains or greed pangs.



New me, New habits: Day 29

Bank holiday today!

Breakfast: raisin bagel (just one half), toasted with Boursin and cucumber

Lunch: I met some old friends for a long overdue catchup lunch.  Decided we are too old and appreciate quiet and conversation too much to go to Notting Hill this year (think that might be it for me! – TBH it is just too busy to deal with, especially since they closed off a lot of the exits, and turning it into one long queue day.

No, we decide to be mature and go to Wahaca, where I have two pretty ok Bloody Mary’s – very spicy and my friend had a deconstructed version but with tequila – trying that next time.  We went to the Wahaca in Covent Garden – a disappointing branch I will say.  I am not the biggest fan of Mexican food, but this was not really up to par – I guess they don’t really need to be given where they are and they will always have customers and footfall.

I started with a guacamole and pork scratchings

Guac was pretty good, but the creackling was puffy, cardboard and pretty tasteless

Fish Tacos were very disappointing – not enough fish, too much batter, fried in too much oil, made for a sad main course.  The filling would have been really good if the fish didn’t ruin it.

After lunch we walked around and found a free table in Covent Garden to continue our nattering and have a quick coffee – I had Mocha – can’t resist chocolate!

Dinner: After consuming too many calories at lunch (keep in mind I had two large bloody Mary’s!) and eating a choccie bar on the way home as consolation for a crappy lunch with amazing company, I decide on a healthier dinner.

Soup is really underrated as a dinner meal – they say you should eat less in the evenings and ore in the mornings, well eat soup if you do!

We pimped up a pea and mint soup with more peas and some butter and frozen garlic – delicious with a piece of gluten free bread (I found some that doesn’t tastes like wet cardboard! and it’s in Tescos! SOOOO excited as I get to make more sandwiches now!

p.s I love sandwiches –

I turn everything and anything into sandwiches.

I make my place food into a nice sandwich.

I mentioned it on my dating profiles when I was single and it was my ice breaker when meeting people

(it worked – I have Bae now and he shares and appreciates my love for sandwiches)


New me, New habits: Day 28

Breakfast: I woke up super hungry today for some reason!

Needed something filling but healthy.  Best option is to start looking in the fridge to see what I can rustle up

Made this rather nice chorizo and smashed avocado with grilled garlic mushrooms on gluten free bread, topped off with a fried egg (boiled hard for me, soft for Bae)

Lunch: a simple tomato and cucumber salad with balsamic Perfect after a filling breakfast

The salad accompanied Chicken and chorizo kebab skewers with roasted sweet potato pieces,

Dinner: there is something about meat and cheese that makes it a delicious meal, fun when you make it finger food!

With gluten free bread and hummus! – This whole plate has no sugar or gluten!

New me, New habits: Day 27

Breakfast: Instead of yoghurt, Bae bought some Kefir for us to try from the local Polish supermarket (waaaay cheaper than Tescos!)

Kefir has a multitude of supposed health benefits; here are a few

It is more liquidy than yoghurt and has slightly more of a sour, yoghurty taste (unsurprisingly!) but  I found it to be a worthy substitute – and practically the same when you add frozen fruit (berries work best) and a bit of honey!

Lunch: Went out for a traditional Chinese dim sum meal at Phoenix Palace in Marylebone.  Even better that we had a local at our table who ordered all the best things – some unknown to the average Western Chinese food eater.

started with a nice cup of jasmine tea – you should always drink meals with warm temperature drink.  ice cold drinks are not good for digestion – more info here

Really good Singapore noodles

The multitude of dishes we enjoyed were definitely varied!

Beef Ho Fun

 Rice and meat wrapped in a lotus leaf

Many delicious dim sum!  My favourite is the prawn.

Dinner: took it pretty easy after a heavy lunch by eating the leftover Pork Char Sui Buns (had 1.5 each)



New me, New habits: Day 26

Breakfast: Water with lemon and ice – ice cold water is supposed to kick start your metabolism so it is recommended to drink a full 8 oz or more as soon as you get up

Lunch:A good go to snack for me is Boursin and cucumber – takes seconds to make and is healthy and pretty filling.

Dinner: On Friday’s I always struggle with the same feeling of being torn between continuing my healthy journey (except last night, which was a biug fail) and saying f**k it, it’s Firday night – bank holiday on Monday, and I want something tasty and junky.

I decide to order a garlic pizza – it is a 15 inch pizza base (thin crust) with just garlic and tomato and basil on top – no cheese or meat, so it’s slightly healthier than a full on pizza. I also am still feeling the guilt (and the heartburn) from last night’s gorging (not caught on camera, which is probably a good thing)  so look for something healthy for Sapore Italiano – my restaurant choice for the evening.

And look what I found – some grilled vegetables! This and the garlic pizza filled me up and I felt better for trying on a Friday night.



New me, new habits: Day 25

Breakfast: When in doubt…Eat Mackerel.

Exercise: My regular workout (20 press ups, 2 x 1 min planks, 60 Russian twists, 60 squats (no weight this time though)

If I am ever hungry, and want to eat something “instant” (read – where no effort is involved in preparing the food), then I usually grab a tin of mackerel.  Sounds a bit weird, but I really like mackerel, especially the John West kind which is packed with olive oil.

You can get it in brine, which is probably healthier, but frankly doesn’t taste as good.  I have also seen it in other flavours like pepper and tomato which are all pretty good, though olive oil is best.

As you can see I keep it classy and eat straight from the tin – saves  on washing up

Lunch: Homemade spaghetti carbonara.

Dinner: I am not sure where my willpower has gone – let me know if you have seen it.

Oh dear god, what have I done?!

There were a multitude of other terribly unhealthy things, but I ate them all so quickly I didn’t have time to photograph it all.  Rest assured, I failed HARD today!

my favourite type of bread – roti paratha

Just a regular chicken curry with lots of oil.

And no diet fail is complete without a packet of crisps that pretend to be healthier, but you are still eating processed potatoes.

Today was not a good day, but we all fall and it’s how we pick ourselves back up that matters.  I will not wallow in self-pity, nor will I self-punish, just strive for improvement next time and feel good about the achievements so far.

Tomorrow is always another day!



Photos for Mac is the worst

This post has been a long time coming, borne out of years (year years) of frustration with iPhoto, which is now Photos.

My first issue is the performance of the program itself.

I have well over 22000 images and they are not even all High Res. Yet, even when I was at the 5000 mark with photos, I still experienced delays and hanging quite a lot.  It got so bad that I actually switched dover to another program which for the life of me I just cannot remember the name of.

That world was crushed a couple of years later when the developers decided to stop updating versions.

I thought this might be time to give iPhoto another try, It was not as bad as I remember, so I thought I will stick with it.  I diligently added all my photos, and set about using the Events tab to organize them – I despised and still do despise the organization and management of the photos in iPhoto, mainly because it seems to create more than one version, and also because it will keep the original file, even after you edit it.  (This may be an option you can turn off, as I imagine it might be useful for some people like photographers who want to see the originals, but for someone like me, when I edit a photo, I just want that version – that’s why I edited it in the first place!)

I even started naming all my faces, and basically trying to use iPhoto for it’s intended purpose.  I bought iPhoto Stream and basically every paid service Apple was offering so I could streamline my photos experience.  It was expensive, and not the best, but I was just happy everything was more efficient.

Then I upgraded to Photos and performance was just terrible.  It slowed right down and would often crash if I wanted to export more than 10 photos.  Importing photos seemed to be a struggle as well.  Every time I imported from my phone, I would select the delete photos from device once imported. (I ran out of space on my 64gb phone – never thought that would happen!)

Unfortunately it never did this.  Photos kept crashing during the import process.  A quick search on Google told me that many MANY users have had this same problem.

I was getting to the point that I couldn’t use my phone as I had no space.  Since I had literally spent the last MONTH trying to import my photos with no success, all I could do was manually go through my phone and delete photos I didn’t want.

I then found out that when you delete a photos, it is deleted from ALL your devices, which I found even more frustrating.

After upgrading my memory from 4GB to 16 GB, cleaning and backing up my computer and still facing issues.  I have decided to move all my photos into their own folder that I can mange and organize myself on my external HDD until I find a good alternative. I am considering Lightroom, but just the standalone version, not sub based (which is a total rip)

What have been your experiences with Photos for Mac?

What would be the best alternative for me?  All I want to do is have my own folders that I can name and when I import photos, I would just file them in the appropriate folders.  It would be nice to have a photo viewer and some basic editing told would; be great.

I do not need Faces

Let me know your thoughts!


New day, New Habits: Day 24

First day back from holiday, and I miss Spain already!  I’m just very thankful that I work in the evenings.  I didn’t get back until about midnight  so it would have royally  sucked if I had to be at work by 9am.  I really love my life work balance.  Sure I am earning slightly less than in my previous roles, but I feel so much happier and the cut in pay is more than made up for with my evening meals and taxis, as well as just having more time in the day to do things like study, work on my goals and think of zany ideas and adventures.

Breakfast: yoghurt and frozen raspberries with a cheeky teaspoon of honey. – I know I know, no sugar – but I didn’t have muesli or any other fruit and it IS better than refined sugar! I used to eat yoghurt with honey all the time, but slowly decreased the amount (like I did with my sugars in tea) of honey until I felt like no honey tasted the same.  I went back to using honey in Spain (I’m on holiday!! ok, last time I will say that) but now want to get back to better and healthier habits.

Enjoyed ice cold on the sunny balcony
Exercise: 20 press ups, 2 x 1 minute planks, 60 Russian twists, 40 Squats with 3kg weight, 600 bicycle crunches.  I’m not going to do cardio until the weather cools down some

Lunch: Sausage roll – I only ate this because I was still busy unpacking and cleaning so did not go out to get anything.  It’s a terrible food to eat, I’ll admit.  I did love it though as it has been MORE THAN A YEAR since my last one, and those who know me know my penchant for processed pork products – these items are the most fondly missed now as I never get to partake.

Dinner: back to Seamless – decided that it was so hot today I would order some healthy salad.

 Tomato, Mozzarella and basil salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

 Farro Super Healthy Salad: Vegan. Salad of spelt grain, pachino cherry tomatoes, black olives from Puglia and basil.

I’ve never eaten Farro before, tbh I wasn’t sure what it was – I realised I got it mixed up with Taro, which I have also never tried (maybe next year) and is different – yes, very different!  It’s not bad, but is quite filling which I expect from something wheat based.  I prefer rice, but this seems healthier.




New day, New habits; Day 22-23

Lumping these two days together as they are the last couple of days on holiday before we go back to London.

Day 22

Breakfast: yoghurt with fruit and muesli, cup of tea with no sugar, and lemon water

Lunch: We went to the beach for a final day by the sea.  Had a quick light lunch in the café before heading down to the beach to go all Zen with our stone stacking and enjoy the cool sea and the gorgeous weather.

 I also ordered a RumbaLumba which is basically an alcoholic banana chocolate milkshake and it was GOOD!
The left one is a garlic chicken and the right one is pork loin in tomato sauce. Pork was ok, kinda tough and the chicken tasted like something my brother and I would cook when we were younger although we used prawns and garlic pepper.

More prawns Pil Pil!

Wrapped this bad boy to eat later on the beach

Dinner: meat and cheese? I had started drinking prosecco at this point.

Alcohol: Now I don’t usually drink, but we were out, and in Puerto Banus so I thought why not?! Enjoyed about 3 strawberry daiquiris – I love frozen drinks in the summer!

We went to Pangaea so I could see the rooftop bar, enjoyed a couple of drinks there and a sexy boogie with Bae, then walked around a few more bars before heading back home.

Day 23

I woke up feeling pretty tired and not very well, probably had something to do with going out last night.

Breakfast: I was not hungry at all, just had a tea with no sugar.  Bae made me eat a boiled egg.  It did help.  Bae spends a bit of time extolling the many virtues of eggs.  I concur – as long as they are not soft boiled (gross)

Lunch: Stopped at a service station to fill up the tank and I picked up a doughnut – it had a horrible custard in it – that serves me right for picking something that sugary and floury.

Dinner: We ate in Marbella airport as by this time I was famished.  I tend to ignore my hunger if I am not close to accessible food, I feel ravenous for a bit then it goes away before coming back with a vengeance. – This is not healthy at all.  Anyway I got into famished mode and there was an Irish overpriced bar/grill that we ate at, although the food was so greasy I didn’t really eat much.

New day, New habits: Day 21

Breakfast: yoghurt with fruit and lemon water

Lunch: today was more of a snacking day, one of the things I love about being on holiday is being able to pick out of the fridge when you fee like it. Besides its too hot for a full on meal. I kept going back for salami, chorizo, cheddar cheese, one (just one this time!) ice cream, celery and fruit.

Dinner: as I wasn’t feeling well so Bae made me pasta and put his usual creative flair on it by adding a lovely buttery sauce with fried Parma ham and leftover cheese.