New me, New habits: Day 1

I saw it as a blessing when I found out that I could order my food through Seamless every evening. Who doesn’t like the option of takeaway every night for dinner?!  However, with this new lifestyle, I knew that I would have to pick smarter for my dinner choices.


Tea with milk and honey

Green fruit smoothie – it’s from Georgia!

Lunch: ham hock, spinach, peas and boiled egg with cauliflower cheese soup (shared) – I missed my crusty roll to dip in the soup.

Dinner: I quickly realised when paging through my old orders that I ate A LOT of pasta, pizza, chips/fries and steak.  Steak I could keep, as long as it doesn’t contain any sugar in the sauce.  Also chips/fries are out, as are any type of bread or breading. (bye tempura! you will be missed!) I decide on Japanese – easy to fill up on vegetables and fish and it’s not too difficult to avoid unhealthy options, as there are far fewer. 

I settle on a salmon and avacado roll and some Yukhejang (delicious Korean spicy beef stew with glass noodle – made from sweet potato starch so gluten free as well!)  Well damn was that soup spicy! I decide to have a few spoonfuls and save the rest for lunch tomorrow.



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