New me, New habits: Day 2

Breakfast: tea (no sugar!), Granny Smith Apple

Lunch: Yukhejang: spicy beef stew with beansprouts, spring onions, glass noodles, daikon radish, egg, lots of spice!

Slo mo video of my delicious Yukhejang being poured on rice

A note about glass noodles.  I have grown up eating them and never thought to ask what they are made of.  Last summer when I went gluten free to find out why my skin hated me so much, I realised that one of my favourite Korean meals Japchae – seen here is actually made of sweet potato starch and is therefore gluten free!  And yet it makes absolutely no appearance on all these gluten free boards.  I see  a shit ton of spaghetti squash and other spiralizer creaetions that look better than they taste but these lovely noodles seem relatively undiscovered, at least in the non-Asian healthy food space.

I will say that you will need to go to a specialy Asian store, preferably one that sells Korean food.  It is called sweet potato vermicelli and as a stir fry with beef and other leftover vegetables that are starting to go off in your fridge, this is a great, quick meal, or can be a side dish with other things.

The texture of the noodles is much like pasta noodles, little bit chewier, but I like that, they keep their shape, don’t disintegrate easily and did I mention gluten free?!

Dinner: no matter how hard and intently I look at the salad choices for dinner, I don’t see it as a filling option. I’m really not, nor have I ever been that fond of salads, usually dismissing it as rabbit food or as an obligatory healthy accompaniment to to my main plate of food. However, I spy a Chicken Superclean salad (from Leon) of which all of the ingredients I do like (so often is the case that a healthy salad will have something I don’t like or eat in it – usually fresh coriander, goat’s cheese and/or nuts).  I buy extra chicken and meatballs just in case.

However, it is not bad at all.  This salad contains chicken, peas, fresh mint and parsley, sundried tomatoes, pomegranates, lemon juice and quinoa.

I find salad to be more of a lunch meal as it is not hot, but it is surprisingly filling.  The quinoa helped with that (I assume that is what the prevalent grain in there is).  I didn’t even need to eat the extra meat I bought (I know what my protein will be tomorrow though!)

I did have some popcorn afterwards, but the salty variety – no sugar or butter. It only contains 0.5g of sugar (a teaspoon is 7g) 



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