New me, New habits; Day 3

Breakfast: Tea, no sugar

Lunch: not much I’m afraid.  Just some peas and beans – one of the things I hope to address in my new diet is the fact that I don’t eat enough early enough in the day. I went so many years not eating breakfast and sometimes lunch and then just eating when I got back from work (and I mean literally as soon as I got home I would snack until dinner then snack until bedtime) I’m not about to force food down myself if I am not hungry but even having a bite of something early can kickstart my appetite.

Dinner: Oh how much I wanted to order pizza today!  I saw a gluten free pizza crust option, so may use that for another time.  Back to Japanese for today.  I ordered the seaweed salad (does anyone know if they add sugar to it?  It’s rather sweet) and selection of sushi – salmon and avocado, spicy tuna and crab salad

The cheeky devils gave me two free pieces of chocolate mochi – must. not. eat. must. give. to anyone else except myself

You also may have noticed my lack of mentioning exercise.  My aim was to also start it this week, but thought the diet change alone was enough.  I am still busy crafting my perfect workout plan, which I will share on Monday.



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