So many platforms, so little time

I don’t know about you, but social media is getting harder and harder to keep up with. This is probably telling of my age, but with the explosion of social media platforms in the past several years, I can fully understand why many people find it hard to embrace.

I mean it’s like a full time job. And some people do it as a full time job at work then after work do it with their own accounts. I imagine it can get exhausting!

I myself have the following, and use them for different reasons, but by no means am I a power user

Facebook: mainly to read articles, see what people are up to (fb stalking) and also I do my part to stop and end the cruel practice of clickbait.

Twitter: I started this as a way that I could get down all the random thoughts floating around my head. The problem is that my short term memory is quite bad so by the time I’ve had the thought and fished my phone out of my bag/pocket, unlocked it, found the Twitter app and gone to write the thought, it’s not there any longer or I have had a chance to think about it and realised I may not want to write down every thought I have aloud. In fact, when I first started on Twitter, I asked my brother if I could change my account as I noticed people were following me and I didn’t know them. “Er, that’s kind of the point” at which point I asked how to change my profile to private, after which I then realised I should just keep a diary of my thoughts.  Now I use it for breaking news and that’s about it.

Instagram: I pretty much just use this for the filters then save the picture back in my camera roll, unless I think it’s a cool picture. I used to take pictures of food then got tired of hashtagging the shit out of my posts – I never actually click on the hashtags to explore them, even though I add them to my own pics. Is there a copy paste function for multiple repeatedly used hashtags?

Snapchat: got it for the filters so I could use them with my family and Bae. I forget I have it until my sister sends me a Snapchat, then I think oh what a cool way to update loved ones on small randomness in your life, I should do this more often, then promptly forget about it again. (I only have two friends on snapchat who regularly update so this might be a reason why)

Pinterest: I pin things I like, much like the rest of their users. However I ALWAYS click through on stuff I want to pin (now it’s save) because half of the time you are claiming through to multiple pins of the same photo and eventually or sometimes never get to the method or the actual content you wanted. I hate clickbait with a passion.

I will finish with a short declaration of love for IFTTT. This has been amazing for me, saving me lots of time if I want to post on multiple sites (as an example I have it setup that whenever I post my blog, it also tweets it and posts on my Facebook) there literally tons of “recipes” that you can use, or you can create your own. Here is a screenshot of some of the ones I have.

As you can see there are a lot of integrated apps and companies and the list seems to grow everytime I am on there looking for new recipes. Now I am not a super user but still get a lot of time saving benefits out of it. I imagine that a person who uses social media regularly would find it very useful. To be honest I think anyone will find it useful for some aspect of their lives.

What social media platforms do you use and what for?


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