New me, New habits: Day 5

Breakfast: Tea with no sugar, back on the yoghurt and fruit!

Sprinkled with some sunflower and linseeds, and a half teaspoon of tumeric (which you don’t even taste once you mix it in)

 Lunch: Hmmm, I drank lots of water? Did I mention that yoghurt? It was quite filling

I have been doing pretty well so far this week with my diet.  However, I did not even register the fact that I have been having daily hot chocolates at work.  As it comes from a vending machine, I am not sure of the nutritional content, but I know it definitely has sugar!  After a little scouring of the internet, I found some nutrition labels for various instant hot chocolates.

OK sugar is not as bad as I thought, but its carb heavy and most of those are from refined sugars.  Something else I will have to say goodbye to.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dinner: OK by now I am starving (another reason why three meals a day is important!)  I REALLY want to treat myself, and I have been craving pizza all week.  So I compromise by buying an American Hot with a gluten-free pizza base. The base is as how you would expect with gluten free products; thinner and more dense, but the flavours of the toppings make it worth it.

I tried looking for the nutritional information to make sure that it didn’t have any sugar but only found info for the regular crust supermarket version – even so, the amount of sugar is about 7.4g for a whole pizza (which is just over a teaspoon- that’s not bad).

pizza express.PNG

I did find a nutritional content sheet for every dish at Pizza Express – see here, although it just had information for a gluten free base only (which interestingly has more carbs than the classic crust, though on 1.7g of sugar).

Anyway, It’s Friday, I got my pizza, and I’m off on holiday next week, so no regrets.

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One thought on “New me, New habits: Day 5

  1. Yogurt looks lovely. Creating new habits is what it is all about. It took me years to find some potential good habits that I could turn into actual habits. Check out my blog to see how I did it. Good luck with your diet😃


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