New me, New habits: Day 6 & 7

Weekends are easy right? The workweek has ended and now you have all this free time to enjoy with your loved ones or catch up on projects.

In terms of eating healthy however, weekends can be fraught with temptation in the form of sausage rolls, cakes, and other sugary treats.  I did well considering  the amount of ice cream I passed!

Breakfast: coffee with no sugar, a banana

Quick energetic breakfast with only natural sugar in the banana

Lunch: stopped in Pret just before we went to The a Tower of London. As the rest of my party dined on delicious lookin sandwiches, I chose a crayfish, quinoa, spinach and herb salad pot and an egg and avacado pot with water.

Seedy goodness!!

Can’t go wrong with a boiled egg

I found later with all the walking I did that this lunch was definitely not enough.

I had to leave the Tower of London early as I had a previous engagement scheduled with a friend. We went to Naiga in the Park at Finsbury park and sat down for a good catchup, time went by so quickly and befor I knew it, fours hours had gone by and it was dinner time. We decided on Vietnamese.

Dinner: trying to stay healthy but being a newbie to Vietnamese, I went for familiar items;

Chicken satay was pretty good, nice marinade on the chicken and the peanut sauce was homemade and nice and spicy!

Was not a fan of the salt and pepper spare ribs, fried in some sort of batter and pretty greasy, flavour was ok though.

My friend had a skewer of meat wrapped in betel leaf, which tasted like a rainforest herby sausage (if that makes any sense)

I was expecting more of a stir fry rather than a saucy dish (which I am not a fan of) so I picked out the vegetables and tofu and left the sauce.

On Sunday-

Breakfast: tea with no sugar and a handful of frozen berries

Lunch: handful of coconut pieces and chorizo with some salad

Dinner: roast pork and cracking: the only exception I make is for my dads roast dinners. I see him every Sunday and our mealtimes are special to me. He is a great cook and so I make an exception for his meals; they taste good, and more importantly he made them.


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