Tourist in my own city: Part 3, The Tower of London

It’s amazing how you can see things with a different perspective when you are with a kid.

I went to the Tower of London this weekend with bae and his uncle and young cousin, who were visiting London. The little girl, who had just turned six, had never been to London before, having spent all her life on a tropical island, so it was wonderful to see the awe and curiosity  in her eyes at so many different things. I caught myself eavesdropping on her fathers knowledgable regaling of England’s deep and rich history and being caught up in the amazement of how much history we were standing on.

We started with a walk around the gardens just outside Embankment as we waited for our boat. As with most of London, there are always gardens or green space not far away.

And statues, so many statues in London!

There is a couple of cafes in the gardens, one by the toilets closer to the station and further in is this larger ones which sells hot food, pastries, sandwiches and hot and cold drinks, and also alcohol.

Good spot to people watch on a Saturday morning, although watch out for the pigeons, they are brave f**ckers and fly on the tables and won’t fly away even if you threaten them with chairs (which we did)

Nice view of An Egyptian obelisk, which was gifted to Great Britain from Egypt. Descriptive plaque is below 

This obelisk was right us as we were waiting for the boat. 

It’s great that you can use an Oystercard, although freedom and child passes have to buy a ticket for a few quid. 

We sailed west towards Westminster and then turned around to go East again.

MI5 building

Blackfriars bridge 

The Tate Modern

A view of the dome of St Pauls Cathedral

Approaching Tower Bridge

I don’t know the real name for this building but it was affection alt nicknamed the testicle, such is our penchant for naming buildings with impossibly simple names.

The shard, again not sure the real name.
After a scenic boat ride, we disembarked at Tower pier and stopped for a quick bite. Check out what I ate here.

Feeling fueled up an ready to go, we proceeded to the Tower of London entrance. I would recommend getting tickets online before you book. They usually cost £22.50 each I think but we got them for £18.90. If you have bought a travelcard you can get it for cheaper as well, or the London pass, which gives you access to several attractions for a bundled price it is included.

I like the juxtaposition of old and new, shame about the rubbish bin.

Traitors gate

They had random fake animals in chains which was mildly depressing.

These guys are a lot bigger than I thought!

Supposedly if the Ravens ever leave the Tower of London then England will fall. So they maintain and take care of them.

Henry VIII’s armor

Prince Edward the VII’s armour

I want to say James II but by this time the sheer amount of people were getting annoying

I had to leave early due to having previously scheduled plans with a friend, so I missed the Crown Jewels but I have seen them befor, you are on a moving conveyor belt and I and they who remained thought it was pretty underwhelming. Still if you do go to the Tower of London on which I would definitely recommend then it’s a must see.


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