New day, New habits: Day 10

Aaahh! First day of holiday and
We decided to go to Lidl and pick up some bits for today and for our trip to Portugal.

Breakfast: boiled egg and lots of cold water!

Elevenses drink: Apple and watermelon juice with raspberry garnish

If I need a cold beer quickly I just wet a paper towel and wrap it around the beer then leave in for five minutes. Hint if you forget about it then blindly panic after it’s been thirty minutes, count yourself lucky as you’ve just made a beer slushy!

Beer because I’m on holiday and walnuts to balance out the beer.

Lunch: meat and cheese! Picked up a lovely sausage and some Brie and cornichons and snacked on that to my hearts content, we finished at least a foots worth of sausage!

Dinner: In the evening we went to a mall to pick up a dress for the wedding we are going to in Portugal and grabbed a quick bite of sushi.

Sake is my second fave drink (soju being number one) and this one came warm, which was much appreciated. It also has not sugar in it so I can drink away!

As much as I hate ginger, I will always eat that big clump as I know it’s good for me and the bad taste only lasts ten second or less. Well worth it for a dose of ginger health.

Salmon maki

Teriyaki chicken yakitori – not my choice due to the sugar but I had a bite and it was very sweet, not a fan of teriyaki for that reason.

I always tend to get gimmicky things, so when I saw these things called prawn string parcels I couldn’t resist, unfortunately it was just some prawn wrapped in potato strings and was rather bland and greasy. I really should learn my lesson!

I did resist the urge to have something from menu despite my earlier failings with the prawns, I would have gone for the Nutella and banana maki and/or the daifuku – which I would recommend. The daifuku is delicious, I think it tastes like chocolate even though it is actually red bean, give it a go if you are eve in an Asian bakery, they will have something similar.
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