New day, new habits: Day 11

Today was a later start than scheduled…but hey, we are relaxing and our schedule involves having lots of fun! (once the driving was out of the way).

Breakfast: Yoghurt and muesli and super seeds with frozen raspberries, blueberries and a drizzle of honey

Lunch: ham and cheese croissant en route to Seville

Finally got to Seville after a two and a half hour drive from Marbella, stopped at Cafe Insignia to get some coffee before we checked into our Airbnb

I had a cafe hielo – iced coffee, no sugar of course!

Instead of sightseeing straight away we found a great spa just a two minute walk from our accommodation, they were serving mint tea and lemon water, of which I helped myself to many tiny cups

After some amazing couple of hours relaxing in the Aire de Sevilla – we got a great deal for 97 euros entry and 30 minute massage for both of us. The hammam was impressive; it had a big grand room with the different temperature baths – and a cold one, though I could have had it a little colder. The massage was great, dark woods and relaxing music with scented oils sent me to cloud nine.

After an amazing couple of hours in the spa, we decided to do some sightseeing and get some dinner. You can see more of my pics from Seville in my post on it coming soon.

The city is beautiful and there are so many lovely gardens and wonderful buildings to see.

We did work up quite an appetite though and I wanted to stop at this place called Alvaro Peregil as I had heard great things about their Montaditos and Naranja wine.

And I was not disappointed! The wine was great, you could taste the sunshine of Seville in the oranges made for that wine.

Ok so when I ordered this Crackling with pork I thought I was going to be getting actual crispy pork crackling but it was still really good. It had a salty crispy crust which paired well with the greasy fattiness of the pork. Almost reminded me of Bossam a little.

The Montadito that was recommended to us was the which consisted of tuna and cheese. The combination of the fried bread and fillings  was so good and had just the right balance of flavours without making the fish too overpowering.

Eggs a la flamenco – baked eggs with tomato, beans onions and herbs which all went very well together, tasted like hot Spanish summer.

Cod croquettes – nice thin crispy coating with a soft paste like texture and slight taste of cod, was ok but I’m not a big fan of them as they are fried.

Steak with whiskey sauce – meat was cooked perfectly to medium and the sauce was buttery and rich. The chips were ok, but floppy but nice flavour, I didn’t have too many of them.

We spent the rest of the evening walking the narrow and pretty streets of Seville, taking in the great sights and sounds of the city. I thoroughly recommend a visit!



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