New me, New habits: Day 12-14

Today we drove to Portugal to enjoy what would be three days of celebrating at a wedding of our friends. 

It was such a gorgeous setting for a wedding.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera for most of the weekend so pics are limited hence the groupings of three days into one post.
Day 12

Breakfast: boiled egg and lots of water

Lunch:  we stopped to grab a Serrano ham and cheese sandwich and coffee while we walked the beach and saw Benagil cave – definitely a must see

The selection is often very difficult if you are trying to avoid bread!

Dinner: we arrived for the mehndi and BBQ and the food was a fantastic buffet – yum, peri peri chicken and lamb chops. I chose mainly meat and salad and stayed away from the bread and pasta and potatoes.

Day 13

Breakfast: yoghurt and plums, big glass of water

Lunch: another lovely buffet. I chose cucumbers, some vegetable soup, bacon and pasta salad, couscous and a bit of garlic bread.

Dinner: this was a plated dinner: smoked salmon and plenty of fresh salad to start, followed by a duck confit with truffled mashed potatoes and curried vegetables – amazing. This was followed by a sorbet to cleanse the palate- my flavour was guava but there were a few others like tangerine and cucumber.  I tried the cucumber one and it was the best I’ve ever had.

Day 14

Breakfast: yoghurt with peach, lots of water

Lunch: we grabbed a quick cafe con leche and I had a banana and a small bite of a tuna sandwich that Bae bought.

Quick lemon and raspberry water when I got back
Dinner: I regretted that I didn’t order something for myself at lunch, as when we got back to Marbella I was so starving I was over hungry. When I am so hungry like that I don’t know what to eat and sometimes end up not eating anything. 

Bae was lovely though and made me a small antipasti plate of meat and cheese which brought me back to life. 

Then I made a yoghurt, muesli, frozen raspberry and blueberry parfait, mixed it all together then froze it still in the tub to have as ice cream later. It was delicious although next time I wouldn’t put as much muesli in it and more fruit.

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