New me, New habits: Day 15

Today we are back in Marbella and taking it easy.

Breakfast: peach and lots of water

Nature’s candy

Cleaner eating is paying off!

: we drove down to Puerto Banus for a late lunch and stopped in Mercado Gourmet, a cool spot that houses several food stalls ranging from sushi to croquetas. You can see a full review of this place in an upcoming list, as I plan to go back there when Eggsquisito is open. 

Today we tried a guervo (deer) croqueta and also a Roquefort and spinach one. I actually liked the Roquefort which was surprising as I am not a blue cheese fan, but the flavour was delicate and not too strong.  The deer was also good.

Mini wagyu burgers from Steak Market – very nice but nothing particularly special, although the homemade chips were lovely.

Sea bass from – amazing and so fresh, cooked just right so it was firm and juicy inside with a crispy skin and crust. Enjoyed with a drizzle of lemon and a refreshing pear cider.

Dinner: had bits and bobs like rice cakes with Boursin and cucumber and tomato and also a hummus version. Also made some more homemade frozen yoghurt with raspberry and blueberry and a bit of honey. 


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