New me, New habits: Day 16

Today we went to Gibraltar

Breakfast: boiled egg and tea with no sugar

After a  hours drive we arrived at the Spanish/Gibraltar border. We decided to park in Spain and walk over and I am glad we did as the queue was long and stretched all across the roads leading up to the border crossing. 

We decided to walk the town and after seeing the line for the cable car, walked around some more.

Lunch: had a late lunch at the Pancake Factory

Limoncello with sparkling water

Lemon and sugar free to start, I know no sugar slowed but I was feeling nostalgic, plus I am pretty sure the hours walking in the hot sun helped burn the calories!

Chicken, bacon, and mushroom with a white wine sauce crepe, which I shared with Baethe menuit was situated a little off the beaten path

Top of the rock of Gibraltar

A cute macaque family, notice the little baby suckling so cute!
Dinner: beef casserole and rice, homemade

Not an entirely healthy day but certainly offset by the amount of walking I did, plus I’m on holiday. 🙂


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