New me, New habits: Day 18

Breakfast: chorizo, avacado and egg on toast

Lunch: Buckwheat cakes with salami, port salut cheese, hummus and cucumber

Round two of lunch a. Couple of hours later was salami, hummus and cucumber on sourdough bread with crisps and cornichons

Dinner: beef casserole with pilau rice (homemade)

After dinner we drove to Torremolinos so I could try a fish pedicure. I had done one in Mexico (natural and in a spa) and loved it, so we went on the hunt

Lovely mountains wherever you drive in south Spain 

Torremolinos is a bustling tourist seaside town with lots of narrow winding streets full of shops selling things from souvenirs to leather to the same tat you get at most tourist traps.

After some walking we found it! It was ten euros per person for fifteen minutes

It feels like tiny electric currents at first then if you concentrate you can actually feel the tiny teeth of the Doctor fish eating there dead skin off your feet. I had a pretty massive one in my tank!

If you are ticklish it might be too much but I definitely recommend!


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