New day, New habits: Day 20

Breakfast: lemon water and tea with no sugar

Today we drove to Old Town Marbella so I could go to an olive oil shop.

Lunch: we stopped in a very pretty square after finding that the olive oil shop had closed for siesta and were due to open later. The place was called Cafe de Naranjos

Such a pretty little square!

Another strawberry daiquiri for me!

​the Prawns Pil Pil were absokutely amazing; tons of garlic, fresh and well cooked prawns and a great balance of ingredients.

​Slo mo of my sizzling prawns Pil Pil nom nom

Croquetas – still not sold on them, these were the best I’ve had so far but still a bit too pasty inside for my liking.

Fresh anchovies with simply lemon, parsley and olive oil- a delight

Dinner: homemade Persian chicken with aubergine and rice. Love to save some money while on holiday!


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