New day, New habits; Day 22-23

Lumping these two days together as they are the last couple of days on holiday before we go back to London.

Day 22

Breakfast: yoghurt with fruit and muesli, cup of tea with no sugar, and lemon water

Lunch: We went to the beach for a final day by the sea.  Had a quick light lunch in the café before heading down to the beach to go all Zen with our stone stacking and enjoy the cool sea and the gorgeous weather.

 I also ordered a RumbaLumba which is basically an alcoholic banana chocolate milkshake and it was GOOD!
The left one is a garlic chicken and the right one is pork loin in tomato sauce. Pork was ok, kinda tough and the chicken tasted like something my brother and I would cook when we were younger although we used prawns and garlic pepper.

More prawns Pil Pil!

Wrapped this bad boy to eat later on the beach

Dinner: meat and cheese? I had started drinking prosecco at this point.

Alcohol: Now I don’t usually drink, but we were out, and in Puerto Banus so I thought why not?! Enjoyed about 3 strawberry daiquiris – I love frozen drinks in the summer!

We went to Pangaea so I could see the rooftop bar, enjoyed a couple of drinks there and a sexy boogie with Bae, then walked around a few more bars before heading back home.

Day 23

I woke up feeling pretty tired and not very well, probably had something to do with going out last night.

Breakfast: I was not hungry at all, just had a tea with no sugar.  Bae made me eat a boiled egg.  It did help.  Bae spends a bit of time extolling the many virtues of eggs.  I concur – as long as they are not soft boiled (gross)

Lunch: Stopped at a service station to fill up the tank and I picked up a doughnut – it had a horrible custard in it – that serves me right for picking something that sugary and floury.

Dinner: We ate in Marbella airport as by this time I was famished.  I tend to ignore my hunger if I am not close to accessible food, I feel ravenous for a bit then it goes away before coming back with a vengeance. – This is not healthy at all.  Anyway I got into famished mode and there was an Irish overpriced bar/grill that we ate at, although the food was so greasy I didn’t really eat much.


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