New day, New Habits: Day 24

First day back from holiday, and I miss Spain already!  I’m just very thankful that I work in the evenings.  I didn’t get back until about midnight  so it would have royally  sucked if I had to be at work by 9am.  I really love my life work balance.  Sure I am earning slightly less than in my previous roles, but I feel so much happier and the cut in pay is more than made up for with my evening meals and taxis, as well as just having more time in the day to do things like study, work on my goals and think of zany ideas and adventures.

Breakfast: yoghurt and frozen raspberries with a cheeky teaspoon of honey. – I know I know, no sugar – but I didn’t have muesli or any other fruit and it IS better than refined sugar! I used to eat yoghurt with honey all the time, but slowly decreased the amount (like I did with my sugars in tea) of honey until I felt like no honey tasted the same.  I went back to using honey in Spain (I’m on holiday!! ok, last time I will say that) but now want to get back to better and healthier habits.

Enjoyed ice cold on the sunny balcony
Exercise: 20 press ups, 2 x 1 minute planks, 60 Russian twists, 40 Squats with 3kg weight, 600 bicycle crunches.  I’m not going to do cardio until the weather cools down some

Lunch: Sausage roll – I only ate this because I was still busy unpacking and cleaning so did not go out to get anything.  It’s a terrible food to eat, I’ll admit.  I did love it though as it has been MORE THAN A YEAR since my last one, and those who know me know my penchant for processed pork products – these items are the most fondly missed now as I never get to partake.

Dinner: back to Seamless – decided that it was so hot today I would order some healthy salad.

 Tomato, Mozzarella and basil salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

 Farro Super Healthy Salad: Vegan. Salad of spelt grain, pachino cherry tomatoes, black olives from Puglia and basil.

I’ve never eaten Farro before, tbh I wasn’t sure what it was – I realised I got it mixed up with Taro, which I have also never tried (maybe next year) and is different – yes, very different!  It’s not bad, but is quite filling which I expect from something wheat based.  I prefer rice, but this seems healthier.





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