Photos for Mac is the worst

This post has been a long time coming, borne out of years (year years) of frustration with iPhoto, which is now Photos.

My first issue is the performance of the program itself.

I have well over 22000 images and they are not even all High Res. Yet, even when I was at the 5000 mark with photos, I still experienced delays and hanging quite a lot.  It got so bad that I actually switched dover to another program which for the life of me I just cannot remember the name of.

That world was crushed a couple of years later when the developers decided to stop updating versions.

I thought this might be time to give iPhoto another try, It was not as bad as I remember, so I thought I will stick with it.  I diligently added all my photos, and set about using the Events tab to organize them – I despised and still do despise the organization and management of the photos in iPhoto, mainly because it seems to create more than one version, and also because it will keep the original file, even after you edit it.  (This may be an option you can turn off, as I imagine it might be useful for some people like photographers who want to see the originals, but for someone like me, when I edit a photo, I just want that version – that’s why I edited it in the first place!)

I even started naming all my faces, and basically trying to use iPhoto for it’s intended purpose.  I bought iPhoto Stream and basically every paid service Apple was offering so I could streamline my photos experience.  It was expensive, and not the best, but I was just happy everything was more efficient.

Then I upgraded to Photos and performance was just terrible.  It slowed right down and would often crash if I wanted to export more than 10 photos.  Importing photos seemed to be a struggle as well.  Every time I imported from my phone, I would select the delete photos from device once imported. (I ran out of space on my 64gb phone – never thought that would happen!)

Unfortunately it never did this.  Photos kept crashing during the import process.  A quick search on Google told me that many MANY users have had this same problem.

I was getting to the point that I couldn’t use my phone as I had no space.  Since I had literally spent the last MONTH trying to import my photos with no success, all I could do was manually go through my phone and delete photos I didn’t want.

I then found out that when you delete a photos, it is deleted from ALL your devices, which I found even more frustrating.

After upgrading my memory from 4GB to 16 GB, cleaning and backing up my computer and still facing issues.  I have decided to move all my photos into their own folder that I can mange and organize myself on my external HDD until I find a good alternative. I am considering Lightroom, but just the standalone version, not sub based (which is a total rip)

What have been your experiences with Photos for Mac?

What would be the best alternative for me?  All I want to do is have my own folders that I can name and when I import photos, I would just file them in the appropriate folders.  It would be nice to have a photo viewer and some basic editing told would; be great.

I do not need Faces

Let me know your thoughts!



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