New me, New habits: Day 26

Breakfast: Water with lemon and ice – ice cold water is supposed to kick start your metabolism so it is recommended to drink a full 8 oz or more as soon as you get up

Lunch:A good go to snack for me is Boursin and cucumber – takes seconds to make and is healthy and pretty filling.

Dinner: On Friday’s I always struggle with the same feeling of being torn between continuing my healthy journey (except last night, which was a biug fail) and saying f**k it, it’s Firday night – bank holiday on Monday, and I want something tasty and junky.

I decide to order a garlic pizza – it is a 15 inch pizza base (thin crust) with just garlic and tomato and basil on top – no cheese or meat, so it’s slightly healthier than a full on pizza. I also am still feeling the guilt (and the heartburn) from last night’s gorging (not caught on camera, which is probably a good thing)  so look for something healthy for Sapore Italiano – my restaurant choice for the evening.

And look what I found – some grilled vegetables! This and the garlic pizza filled me up and I felt better for trying on a Friday night.




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