New me, New habits: Day 27

Breakfast: Instead of yoghurt, Bae bought some Kefir for us to try from the local Polish supermarket (waaaay cheaper than Tescos!)

Kefir has a multitude of supposed health benefits; here are a few

It is more liquidy than yoghurt and has slightly more of a sour, yoghurty taste (unsurprisingly!) but  I found it to be a worthy substitute – and practically the same when you add frozen fruit (berries work best) and a bit of honey!

Lunch: Went out for a traditional Chinese dim sum meal at Phoenix Palace in Marylebone.  Even better that we had a local at our table who ordered all the best things – some unknown to the average Western Chinese food eater.

started with a nice cup of jasmine tea – you should always drink meals with warm temperature drink.  ice cold drinks are not good for digestion – more info here

Really good Singapore noodles

The multitude of dishes we enjoyed were definitely varied!

Beef Ho Fun

 Rice and meat wrapped in a lotus leaf

Many delicious dim sum!  My favourite is the prawn.

Dinner: took it pretty easy after a heavy lunch by eating the leftover Pork Char Sui Buns (had 1.5 each)




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