New me, New habits: Day 29

Bank holiday today!

Breakfast: raisin bagel (just one half), toasted with Boursin and cucumber

Lunch: I met some old friends for a long overdue catchup lunch.  Decided we are too old and appreciate quiet and conversation too much to go to Notting Hill this year (think that might be it for me! – TBH it is just too busy to deal with, especially since they closed off a lot of the exits, and turning it into one long queue day.

No, we decide to be mature and go to Wahaca, where I have two pretty ok Bloody Mary’s – very spicy and my friend had a deconstructed version but with tequila – trying that next time.  We went to the Wahaca in Covent Garden – a disappointing branch I will say.  I am not the biggest fan of Mexican food, but this was not really up to par – I guess they don’t really need to be given where they are and they will always have customers and footfall.

I started with a guacamole and pork scratchings

Guac was pretty good, but the creackling was puffy, cardboard and pretty tasteless

Fish Tacos were very disappointing – not enough fish, too much batter, fried in too much oil, made for a sad main course.  The filling would have been really good if the fish didn’t ruin it.

After lunch we walked around and found a free table in Covent Garden to continue our nattering and have a quick coffee – I had Mocha – can’t resist chocolate!

Dinner: After consuming too many calories at lunch (keep in mind I had two large bloody Mary’s!) and eating a choccie bar on the way home as consolation for a crappy lunch with amazing company, I decide on a healthier dinner.

Soup is really underrated as a dinner meal – they say you should eat less in the evenings and ore in the mornings, well eat soup if you do!

We pimped up a pea and mint soup with more peas and some butter and frozen garlic – delicious with a piece of gluten free bread (I found some that doesn’t tastes like wet cardboard! and it’s in Tescos! SOOOO excited as I get to make more sandwiches now!

p.s I love sandwiches –

I turn everything and anything into sandwiches.

I make my place food into a nice sandwich.

I mentioned it on my dating profiles when I was single and it was my ice breaker when meeting people

(it worked – I have Bae now and he shares and appreciates my love for sandwiches)



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