New day, New habits: Day 53:

Today I realised that despite my diligence towards my posts, my habits have been…the same really.  I think it started unravelling when I allowed myself a bit of sugar – at the moment I am not being very aware of my sugar intake and so I have felt my previously much flatter stomach creep back out to it’s former bulge.

I need to take action – there is no point being kind to myself – it doesn’t work.

However, I do realised that if you set your goals too high, you can get overwhelmed and then inevitably fail.

Despite the fact that my good friend recently told me that cheat days do not work – I am forcing myself to limit anything bad to my new thing – “Sinful Saturdays” so get ready to see a whole lot of hedonism this weekend – I may have to devote a post just to that day instead of the whole weekend.

Breakfast: tea with milk and no sugar

Exercise: ….ummm….didn’t feel great today – but still should have done a few squats or something.

Lunch: had some leftover pasta stew – it tasted lovely but I wanted a spicy kick – my go to chilli sauce is always Gochujang

waaay better than Sricacha! You should try it –  plus it lasts for ages in the fridge.  It is not as spicy as Sricacha and other chilli sauces


Dinner:  I forced this one down.  When I saw it on the menu I thought it sounded lovely – an Esotica salad from Sapore Italiano: crab and sweet corn rocket salad with fresh parmesan

I was not expecting imitation crab – very disappointing – there was no salad dressing of any kind to speak of – I literally had to steal a piece of chicken Milanese (only a small amount!)  I ordered for Bae and use that to help get it all down.

I usually force healthy stuff down (I am trying so hard to like it and find it tasty, but that moment has not yet come)



New Day, New Habits: Day 51-52

Woke up and despite the initial tiredness from a very unnecessary late night, I was looking forward to the hot yoga class.

Day 51

Breakfast: kept it simple and had lots of water and a tea with milk and no sugar.  Wanted to keep the stomach empty for…

Exercise: Did 60 minutes of Hot Power Yoga at The Flying Yogi. (note: when the instructor say “it’s a bit more flowy” – read this as you will be doing intense yoga nonstop for an hour in a hot (but not too hot ) room.  Thankfully the instructor talked us all through each exercise and was great at explaining the reasoning behind each pose.  Ended with a lovely yet intense neck and head massage with fresh smelling herbs

Lunch: A great Chicken Roast with Yorkshire puddings and the trimmings at Bae’s parents’ house.


Dinner: we received so much leftovers that we ended up picking at the chicken and veggies for dinner.

Day 52

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no sugar, an apple

Exercise: I consider the fact we were setting up and selling at a car boot sale all day to be some sort of exercise.

Lunch: Iranian bread stuffed with Salade Oliveh – a very worthy Russian/Persian potato salad (with cut up cornichons, you cant go wrong really)

Dinner: Roast second day in a row that I didn’t have to cook!  (It’s great living near family) Lovely Lamb Rack Roast at my dads

New me, New habits: Day 50

Breakfast: actually I didn’t eat breakfast today as I went for a run as soon as I woke

Exercise: Bae and I decided to go to the spa (I have membership) and I had the great idea to run there “it’s only 1.4 miles” “we will feel better than we had run than if we took the the tube”

I am definitely not a natural runner! We managed to get there after a lot of America stopping to catch my breath. It was worth it as although I felt like I wanted to die every minute of the running, now I know I have done it I feel like I want to keep doing it.

Lunch: we walked around looking at cafes and decided on Nandos. Yes I know, not the most healthy choice right? Well I was actually pleasantly surprised at the variety of healthy foods on offer.

Of course you must get chicken at Nandos and I opted for the five chicken wings (medium spice) with sides of superfood salad (Grains, greens and beans with an avocado & buttermilk dressing) and macho peas (peas, parsley, mint and chilli)


Dinner: I am still thinking about those Hirata steams buns and after a vale int effort at running and being reasonably productive he rest of the day I decide Wagamama is the place to order from for tonight

The Korean BBQ and red onion bun was on point

I’m sorry I can’t say the same for the Pork Belly and apple bun, but the bread was too soggy by the time I got to it!


New me, New habits: Day 49

Breakfast: tea with milk and honey powder, kefir with frozen fruit and non sugar granola

Exercise: 60 squats with 25 kg bar weight, 30 flutter kicks, 2 x 1 minute planks, 20 press ups

Lunch: cherry tomatoes with mozzarella and balsamic, avocado and edamame with a few cheeky pringles.


Dinner: Pizza Express is back online!  for some reason it is not always an option, and when it is – unless I am feeling exceptionally motivated towards health, I will always succumb.  For me, the American Hot is like a warm pizza blanket I can shove in my mouth.  To date I have never taken more than 20 minutes to eat this so tonight was a record – it’s because I am trying to chew everything at least 30  times before swallowing.  TO often am I guilty of literally scarfing food

New day, new habits: Day 47

Breakfast: tea with milk and honey powder and a bite of the breakfast pastry – they turned out so well I made another bath this morning.,m

Exercise: This needs to be something I am doing every day – so far I am managing about 1-2 times a week – tried to push everything up to a 60 count so it’s easy to remember how many to do for each.

60 Russian twists, 60 squats with 20kg bar weight, 2 x 1 minute planks, 20 press ups, 60 star jumps – I also need to do more than this,- add more exercises to my routine

As long as I am sweating for at least 15-20 mins then I feel like it’s worth it

I do try to remind myself that “The only good workout is the one that didn’t happen” so even if I only get a few planks in – at least it’s something and I don’t feel totally shit about it later that evening.
For this one I added some Boursin cheese – definitely worth doing! Takes it to a new creamy garlickly level!

Old habits certainly die hard!  At my previous role there was a Pret a Manger across from the office – I quickly fell in love with their Swedish meatball wraps (sometimes eating more than three a day! – ah memories of my earlier gluttonous self)

So when I passed one today, and hadn’t eaten lunch yet (just the filling breakfast), I couldn’t resist.

I am sure there is a lot of sugar in there, but this one was really good, just the right amount of spice and not too many onions.

I regret nothing at the present time.

Dinner: Temptation is not with me today! (well except for ten minutes when I walked by Pret)  Possibly due to having just completed a weekend where I pretty much did and ate what I want.

I go with Vital Ingredient tonight -pick a soup (I’m so proud! I never order soup anywhere – I barely eat it at home) – I need to remind myself that despite it being liquid, soup is actually very filling, and I totally overestimate how big my stomach is an try to order 2filling” food to accommodate, when all I need is some hearty soup – I order Butternut squash, lentil and spinach. with a Detox salad made with tofu, tomatoes, spinach and other yummy ingredients.

enjoyed a nice Kale, Apple, Cucumber, Kale and Lime juice – I prefer any healthy drink when it’s green. Don’t know about you, but I actually love the taste of wheatgrass (and grassy things in general – though this could be related to my mild pica growing up)

Ok the salad – is ok, too much dressing for me – as you can see not the most appetizing presentation,  but I like the goji berries – adds a little sweet something.  Also contains cucumbers, red, yellow and green bell peppers, tofu (would have liked it fried though!) boiled egg, spinach, and sunflower seeds.

To be honest I did feel like I was forcing it down at times (despite the photo it tasted pretty good – or as good ass a salad can taste), but I kept reminding myself that this is healthy.  I did feel better afterwards than if I had eaten something carb heavy though.



New Day, New Habits: Day 48

Breakfast: Tea with honey powder, no milk and a banana

Exercise: I am so sore today from the squats yesterday, I only managed 20 squats with bar weight, 60 Russian twists, 60 star jumps and 1 x one minute plank

Lunch : Butternut squash, spinach and lentil soup – hearty.  Enjoyed with a naughty multigrain roll (naughty because I really didn’t need the flour, but it tasted nice)

Dinner: Was in the mood for Asian food tonight – Wagamama is a great choice for that.  I ordered all meat and no veg.  Hirata buns do have carbs in them – see nutrition info here

The red onion and Korean BBQ Beef Hirata steamed Bun was great –  hey at least the bun is steamed and not fried or something.

My favourite was the Pork Belly and Bramley Apple panko Hirata steamed bun – something about these cushiony cloud like pillows that makes them so moreish – I love it when it has red bean in it (a common Korean dessert)

Health hack – I scooped out as much of the mayonnaise as possible – and if a piece of bread has no filling in the bite, I won’t eat it – somehow I feel like these are small wins (probably delusional though!)





New me, new habits: Day 45-46

Day 45

Weekend time!

Breakfast: Breakfast pastry – I love making these things, just cut puff pastry into whatever shape you want, make a well in the pastry to hold the egg, then crack the egg and sad whatever you want!  I add: salt, pepper, grated cheese, bits of ham, basil and oregano with some sliced cherry tomatoes for a pizza like taste.  They taste even better cold!

Lunch: After a not so good curry diner last night, I try to make the leftovers into something more palatable.  We had some beetroot hummus left in the fridge that we decide to use in a wrap with the leftover naan bread and some kuku (Iranian dish which is delicious) from Bae’s family house  – a yummy combination!

love the colour of that beetroot hummus!

Yes not good I know – but salt and vinegar giant Hula Hoops!

Dinner: I actually had another one of those wraps because we had so much naan left over – I am the type of person who can eat the same thing for a long time (if it’s good)


Day 46

Breakfast: Tea with milk and honey powder

Lunch:  I snacked on cupcakes then had some random rashers of bacon – not my proudest moment.

Dinner: Liver and bacon with mashed potato and runner beans – lovingly cooked by my dad.



New me, New habits: Day 44

Ok – not a very interesting post – but being ill is not fun!  I have technically skipped two days due to being very ill and living on nothing but porridge and water (fun times!)  Also, my phone has been on the blink the past two days so had to take it to the shop to get screen replaced (iPhone 7 came out, so time for previous iPhone versions to mysteriously develop issues)

Back to a normal, more interesting day.

Breakfast: tea with milk and no sugar, an apple. Small bowl of kefir (much healthier than yoghurt) with frozen fruit.

Lunch: ham, cheese, cucumber and tomato sandwich (actually I had two on them – in my defence I did use Danish White bread which is apparently lighter)

Dinner:  Since my diet of late has been so boring I could cry, I was yearning for something with bold and powerful flavours to finish bringing me back to life – Ah I know! Curry!  However, as is almost always the case, I order the curry, anticipate it tasting good, and am always disappointed.  Hopefully I can do something interesting with the leftovers tomorrow as I only have a few bites.

New me, New habits: Day 43

Breakfast: Bae and I made these froyo bites that I saw on Pinterest

Although they look quite pretty, I regret not using a thicker yoghurt – we went with Kefir, which, while healthier for you, is also more liquidy so when it freezes it becomes more rock hard – still a refreshing treat!

Lunch: Well we tried to go to Pizza Express as a last hurrah for mum, but the chef was slow to arrive and so they weren’t going to be ready until 30 minutes after they opened.  so we went across the road to Jackson & Rye.

I had a (relatively) healthy lunch here – went for an eggs benedict with avocado – tried not to eat too much of the sauce though – listen I could have got corn dogs so achievement for me!

Also indulged in a virgin Bloody Mary – very spicy with the addition of Sricacha!

Dinner: I am literally starving as I write this.  I really did not think a quiche would take 90 minutes to deliver! and they are not even making it from scratch

I bet you it’s been there on the shelf since the day – ooh I am not selling my dinner to myself very well!


It finally arrives 90 minutes after I ordered it. (Not good Le Pain!)  However, it does taste good so my frustrations melt as I eat the delicate light pastry and delicious Wiltshire ham

New day, New habits: Day 42

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no sugar

Lunch: Had a nice lunch at La Trompette – bit of a special occasion as Bae meeting both my parents for the first time (it went great btw).

I had a pretty good chicken liver parfait – was a bit too much and I couldn’t take it home as they don’t do takeaway boxes (it is a nice restaurant and the chef said he didn’t want me to get sick due to the egg in there and the fact that I wouldn’t be able to refrigerate it immediately _ I appreciated the explanation)

Followed by Barbequed Welsh lamb, salt baked turnip, buttermilk barley, runner beans and sheep’s curd


Dinner: What do I want? What. Do. I. Want?  I tell you, it’s so hard to pick healthy when you have so many unhealthy, delicious choices to tempt you.  Even with food that could be healthy (like Thai), I tend to pick the most unhealthy (red: brown/beige/fried) foods.  Tonight was a pretty half assed attempt to stay healthy.  Went with Chinese from Royal China tonight.  I just had to have sesame prawn toast (which is definitely not healthy) so I thought I would even it out with some vegetables.

I always forget that with Chinese food, the vegetables tend to come in a sauce (usually drowning in it) I myself am not a fan of really saucy and liquidy things (I used to have sandwiches with no butter or mayo – too wet and saucy otherwise).  This was no exception – plus I had picked crispy noodles, (which I did not think they would be literally like crisps).  Needless to say I had a few bites and didn’t finish the rest.


I knew I should have got the Beef Ho Fun