New me, New habits: Day 31

Today started with sun in my face (we forgot to close the curtains) but which happily resulted in a burst of motivation.

Woke ups and worked out right away

60 Russian twists

60 bicycle crunches,

2 x 1 minute planks

60 squats with 20 kg weight

30 standing flutter kicks

20 push-ups

Breakfast: tea with no sugar

Lunch: pasta carbonara from last nights dinner order – I don’t like to waste food.

Dinner: has to be healthy because of the pasta so going for salad

Update: so work was so busy tonight that I didn’t get to order until 8pm, my good intentions went right through the window when faced with a quick decision to make about my dinner. I usually spend about ten mins or so deciding but tonight I didn’t even have time to think so I ordered the easiest thing I could think of.

Five minutes later I am staring at the order in the screen.

2 pizzas, one garlic bread

What have I done?

I’m annoyed with myself that my unconscious decision was something quick and unhealthy.

My only consolation is that I am too busy to dwell on my bad decision and that I fit in a good workout today, even if this meal undid all that.
The pizza tastes amazing and I finish a whole one in less than 20 minutes.

Somehow the guilt has lessened – I blame time and refined flour.

Onwards and upwards!!



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