New me, New habits: Day 34-35

Day 34
Breakfast: tea with milk and honey, boiled eggs and balsamic tomatoes with a sprinkle of fresh herbs
Lunch: went to Sainsburys and grabbed some healthy looking options for a healthier than usual Ploughmans – edamame, ham, potato salad and some (rather unhealthy) savoury egg bites (my weakness for processed pork products is strong today!)
This is proper ham!
Dinner: Pick and mix – Parma ham and salami wrapped around cheddar cheese, tomatoes and boursin cheese, cucumbers and Compte cheese with confit de cornichons – a posh ploughmans!
Day 35
Breakfast: Yoghurt smoothie with frozen fruit
Lunch: sweet potato crisps, baked in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil with some salt and pepper – pretty filling for a light lunch (I knew how big my dinner was going to be)
Dinner: Starter: escargots in garlic butter with crusty French bread (I will make an exception for white bread when it comes to any sort of garlic butter)
Main: Roast pork with crackling, roast potatoes and honey roasted carrots.
Dessert: I got some tart au citron, but was too full to eat it, shame!

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