New Day, New habits: Day 36

Breakfast: yoghurt with frozen raspberries, blueberries and a drizzle of honey (need to get out of that habit! sugar levels are starting to creep up)

Lunch: I am so excited, I am having lunch in New Malden (England’s Koreatown) with my mum and some of her friends.  This place is authentic and great!

We start with the obligatory banchan – seems to be free if you are with Koreans  (or sometimes if you speak Korean)

Clockwise from top left: Kaktugi (spicy pickled radish), Ojingoh (squid salad), Kimchi (spicy picked cabbage) and mool namul (seasoned beansprouts)

I would never ordinarily eat these vegetables when prepared in a western dish, but as Korean banchan, I can’t get enough.

If you are considering a diet, try the Korean food diet – you get tons of vegetables and fermented (read: good for you) food, like no cheese or hardly any dairy, and only good quality (read: not processed) meat.  However, if you have digestive issues, do not eat to many beansprouts – they are hard to digest (trust, I know from experience)

Kalbi tang – a flavourful beef broth soup – best enjoyed with lots of rice chucked in. Those noodles you see are gluten free – sweet potato (or glass) noodles.

Dinner: After a healthy lunch which we had quite early, by the time I got to dinnertime, I was famished.  As I was perusing the menus, I saw GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) and realised I hadn’t had a burger for – I can’t even remember – and it used to be my go to food!  So I decide to treat myself to a classic cheeseburger with some garlic aioli – amazing!



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