Life Purpose

A question that plagues so many of us, at varying times of our lives (or in most cases, the whole of our lives until we find it).

I am definitely one of those “most” cases. Hence my never ending search for online tests that will tell me who I am/supposed to be – or at least help me figure it out

Some links to quizzes I found;

Identify your Life Purpose to reach your Potential

Life Purpose Test from Higher Awareness – this one is more a meaning/soul one than a career/this is how I make money doing my passion one). I got A compassionate, loving intuitive supporter

So in doing my Googling, I found that you can take soul purpose quizzes or career purpose quizzes, the career ones are found below and the soul ones found above this sentence.

Forbes’ A surefire way to find out what you really want

I found this great collection of career quizzes from  There are 11 in total and while it is more directed at the USA audience, some of the tests are geared towards finding out your personality traits, which I assume you can then figure our what you want to do.

I liked this question from

Complete this sentence…

As Biali said, finishing the following sentence also can provide some hints: “If I had no possibility of failing and were thus guaranteed of success I would…”

…build a giant luxurious Jimjilbang in England

This one from Life on Purpose was my favourite to do, it really helped clarify what makes me tick

The definition of insanity is dong the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Well colour me insane then.

I always get the same type of result – You should be helping others.

I do like helping others, it is definitely in my nature.

However (and I know this sounds materialistic), one of the most important aspects of my career/job is financial security – money. A career in helping others, while fulfilling, cannot offer me the financial compensation that I desire.  This is why I have always stuck to volunteering when helping others, and not as my bread and butter.

Hence why I try these quizzes and hope for a different result.  I’ve been told so many times that I could be a great nurse, social worker, healer, therapist etc. etc.

Maybe I should listen?

Do you know anyone who has achieved financial success through an altruistic job/career?  I would love to know more in the comments section!


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