New me, New habits: Day 38

Happy Hump Day!

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no sugar. One banana

Lunch: took mum out for lunch for her favourite (and mine) pizza – Pizza Express!  I wish I had a lovely photo of the American Hot pizza that I ALWAYS get (literally I have never ordered anything else from this place, except for the gluten free version of the same pizza) but the food was gone in less than 15 mins.

Also had a coke – I know I know the sugar in there is insane, but sometimes you cant beat an ice cold coke – and it feels like such a treat when it’s been literally months since your last one.

However, the sugar got too much for me and I couldn’t finish it!

It also has to be ice cold otherwise it starts tasting extra sweet and syrupy.

Dinner: After today’s lunch I knew I had to go healthy for dinner.  Decided to go with Pure as they have some pretty good healthy options, some of which are hot.  I decide on the Chicken and Chorizo Hot Box (gluten free) and a few other smaller healthy pots.

One of the reasons I fund going gluten free so hard is that I just don’t like the options – or the food combinations.

This hot box was ok – chicken, chorizo, tomato, and quinoa and brown rice.  However, even with the sauce, it still tasted a bit mealy and dry.

Not sure if it’s just my taste or the fact that my pencil skirt is way too tight, but I don’t even finish half the pot.  The chicken is quite dry and shredded so fine I couldn’t even distinguish it

The only saving grace were the butter beans, that added a much needed creaminess to the meal.


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