New Day, New habits: Day 39

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no honey this time!  Also a berry banana and muesli smoothie lovingly made by Bae 🙂

Lunch: Hot dog and a quiche Lorraine.  Normally I wouldn’t eat hot dogs because – well they are pretty unhealthy.  However, I am also polite and don’t like to refuse food made for me, especially when it’s my dad.  It was as good as a homemade hot dog (boiled) can be

Dinner: I decide to go for Thai tonight.  I am not usually a fan of Southeast Asian food due to the amount of coriander (I loathe this taste – it’s like soap to me) and the fact that they use a lot of sour flavours.  Still I try to brave it.  Well, I am not that brave, as I got for items that I know I (should) like

Chicken and beef satay (ok, had better), Thai Fish Cake (too much coriander), prawn dumpling (ok but tasted too much like bad sea – do you know what I mean?  that sea sewage taste you can get with some prawns and shellfish).  The prawn toast was the only thing I enjoyed (trust it to be the most unhealthy)

I also had some coconut water – look I like coconut a LOT, but I just can’t seem to like the taste of coconut water -it has a sour taste that I can’t get past.  Nevertheless, I soldier through and finish it – it’s supposed to be good for you – maybe if they made one with a flavour that masked that terrible aftertaste I could drink more of it – I will just stick to my massive spoonful of coconut oil  every morning (I keep it in the fridge so it’s quite hard and I have to “crunch” through it – I love that texture as it goes from solid wax like substance to lovely smelling oil – my lips love the extra moisturizer as well!


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