New Day, New habits: Day 40-41

I tend to group my weekends into one post because my diligence at taking pictures is definitely lowered at the weekend (read: lazy / don’t like radiation)

Day 40

Breakfast: A freshly juiced drink is a great way to start the day!  I feel like I can taste the freshness of these fruits and the fact that they were alive not so long ago which makes it so much more delicious.  The fresher the fruit corpse the more alive I feel.  Yes I am a creepy person.

Looks like blood mwah hah hah actually I wont’ say what it looks like because this is a food post and I don’t want to make you queasy.

There is a lot of leftover fruit gunk leftover – does anyone use this stuff?  If you have good ideas I would love to hear them!  I thought about using them to make protein balls but by the time I thought that, it had already been chucked – I will try it next time

Lunch: Went to Caffé Concerto in Westfield and I had two Kir Royales and then decided a platter is best (I like dishes where you get a selection of stuff – usually it is meant for two people but do I care? No!)Brushetta Selection (clockwise from top) – smokes salmon, olive tapenade, tomato and basil original, parma ham and mozzarella, and another tomato and basil original.  I mean, this is hard to get wrong – I left the parmesan in the middle and finished the rocket/arugula

This platter was not great – all fried food (fried prawns, mozzarella sticks, calamari and a selection of dips that I try to avoid or use sparingly as they always have sugar in there), I mean it’s not the worst, but fried food is just ho hum to me as I think it tastes so greasy it takes away from any other taste.  And that thing that looks like a fried egg is actually a piece of garlic bread with melted cheese on top – I did not eat that.

The calamari wasn’t bad though, but nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever beat the Hong Kong food stall at the H-Mart in Doraville – if you are ever in the area you must try  the salt and pepper calamari.

Your welcome in advance

Dinner: Had lunch pretty late, so just ate some rice mixed with sesame oil and soy sauce with a few sesame seeds sprinkled on top – a good way to eat rice on it’s own or with anything – I don’t really like plain rice because of this lovely pimped up version (add gochujang to take it to the next level!)

Day 41

Breakfast: Bae made a nice egg, Bacon and mushroom breakfast – even better as there was no sugar or gluten in it!  Even better better – Bae made it ❤ ❤

Breakfast deconstructed and all arty like

Lunch: Went to High Road Brasserie on Chiswick High Road – always a great standby for a gastro dish that wont hurt the bank.

Frogs legs in garlic butter – legs were cooked well and garlic was nice without being too overpowering.

Seared scallops with pea puree and crispy bacon- bacon was VERY salty, almost too salty.  I tend to leave a bit of bacon left over so it’s the last bite and taste left in my mouth – just because I love it so much.  However I needed to eat some of my mum’s dish (a nice lobster pasta) as it was so salty.

Dinner: Had steak, potatoes and veggies at my dad’s house – it’s been a nice day as I have had all my meals cooked for me!



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