New day, New habits: Day 42

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no sugar

Lunch: Had a nice lunch at La Trompette – bit of a special occasion as Bae meeting both my parents for the first time (it went great btw).

I had a pretty good chicken liver parfait – was a bit too much and I couldn’t take it home as they don’t do takeaway boxes (it is a nice restaurant and the chef said he didn’t want me to get sick due to the egg in there and the fact that I wouldn’t be able to refrigerate it immediately _ I appreciated the explanation)

Followed by Barbequed Welsh lamb, salt baked turnip, buttermilk barley, runner beans and sheep’s curd


Dinner: What do I want? What. Do. I. Want?  I tell you, it’s so hard to pick healthy when you have so many unhealthy, delicious choices to tempt you.  Even with food that could be healthy (like Thai), I tend to pick the most unhealthy (red: brown/beige/fried) foods.  Tonight was a pretty half assed attempt to stay healthy.  Went with Chinese from Royal China tonight.  I just had to have sesame prawn toast (which is definitely not healthy) so I thought I would even it out with some vegetables.

I always forget that with Chinese food, the vegetables tend to come in a sauce (usually drowning in it) I myself am not a fan of really saucy and liquidy things (I used to have sandwiches with no butter or mayo – too wet and saucy otherwise).  This was no exception – plus I had picked crispy noodles, (which I did not think they would be literally like crisps).  Needless to say I had a few bites and didn’t finish the rest.


I knew I should have got the Beef Ho Fun


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