New me, New habits: Day 43

Breakfast: Bae and I made these froyo bites that I saw on Pinterest

Although they look quite pretty, I regret not using a thicker yoghurt – we went with Kefir, which, while healthier for you, is also more liquidy so when it freezes it becomes more rock hard – still a refreshing treat!

Lunch: Well we tried to go to Pizza Express as a last hurrah for mum, but the chef was slow to arrive and so they weren’t going to be ready until 30 minutes after they opened.  so we went across the road to Jackson & Rye.

I had a (relatively) healthy lunch here – went for an eggs benedict with avocado – tried not to eat too much of the sauce though – listen I could have got corn dogs so achievement for me!

Also indulged in a virgin Bloody Mary – very spicy with the addition of Sricacha!

Dinner: I am literally starving as I write this.  I really did not think a quiche would take 90 minutes to deliver! and they are not even making it from scratch

I bet you it’s been there on the shelf since the day – ooh I am not selling my dinner to myself very well!


It finally arrives 90 minutes after I ordered it. (Not good Le Pain!)  However, it does taste good so my frustrations melt as I eat the delicate light pastry and delicious Wiltshire ham


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