New me, New habits: Day 44

Ok – not a very interesting post – but being ill is not fun!  I have technically skipped two days due to being very ill and living on nothing but porridge and water (fun times!)  Also, my phone has been on the blink the past two days so had to take it to the shop to get screen replaced (iPhone 7 came out, so time for previous iPhone versions to mysteriously develop issues)

Back to a normal, more interesting day.

Breakfast: tea with milk and no sugar, an apple. Small bowl of kefir (much healthier than yoghurt) with frozen fruit.

Lunch: ham, cheese, cucumber and tomato sandwich (actually I had two on them – in my defence I did use Danish White bread which is apparently lighter)

Dinner:  Since my diet of late has been so boring I could cry, I was yearning for something with bold and powerful flavours to finish bringing me back to life – Ah I know! Curry!  However, as is almost always the case, I order the curry, anticipate it tasting good, and am always disappointed.  Hopefully I can do something interesting with the leftovers tomorrow as I only have a few bites.


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