New me, new habits: Day 45-46

Day 45

Weekend time!

Breakfast: Breakfast pastry – I love making these things, just cut puff pastry into whatever shape you want, make a well in the pastry to hold the egg, then crack the egg and sad whatever you want!  I add: salt, pepper, grated cheese, bits of ham, basil and oregano with some sliced cherry tomatoes for a pizza like taste.  They taste even better cold!

Lunch: After a not so good curry diner last night, I try to make the leftovers into something more palatable.  We had some beetroot hummus left in the fridge that we decide to use in a wrap with the leftover naan bread and some kuku (Iranian dish which is delicious) from Bae’s family house  – a yummy combination!

love the colour of that beetroot hummus!

Yes not good I know – but salt and vinegar giant Hula Hoops!

Dinner: I actually had another one of those wraps because we had so much naan left over – I am the type of person who can eat the same thing for a long time (if it’s good)


Day 46

Breakfast: Tea with milk and honey powder

Lunch:  I snacked on cupcakes then had some random rashers of bacon – not my proudest moment.

Dinner: Liver and bacon with mashed potato and runner beans – lovingly cooked by my dad.




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