New Day, New Habits: Day 48

Breakfast: Tea with honey powder, no milk and a banana

Exercise: I am so sore today from the squats yesterday, I only managed 20 squats with bar weight, 60 Russian twists, 60 star jumps and 1 x one minute plank

Lunch : Butternut squash, spinach and lentil soup – hearty.  Enjoyed with a naughty multigrain roll (naughty because I really didn’t need the flour, but it tasted nice)

Dinner: Was in the mood for Asian food tonight – Wagamama is a great choice for that.  I ordered all meat and no veg.  Hirata buns do have carbs in them – see nutrition info here

The red onion and Korean BBQ Beef Hirata steamed Bun was great –  hey at least the bun is steamed and not fried or something.

My favourite was the Pork Belly and Bramley Apple panko Hirata steamed bun – something about these cushiony cloud like pillows that makes them so moreish – I love it when it has red bean in it (a common Korean dessert)

Health hack – I scooped out as much of the mayonnaise as possible – and if a piece of bread has no filling in the bite, I won’t eat it – somehow I feel like these are small wins (probably delusional though!)






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