New me, New habits: Day 49

Breakfast: tea with milk and honey powder, kefir with frozen fruit and non sugar granola

Exercise: 60 squats with 25 kg bar weight, 30 flutter kicks, 2 x 1 minute planks, 20 press ups

Lunch: cherry tomatoes with mozzarella and balsamic, avocado and edamame with a few cheeky pringles.


Dinner: Pizza Express is back online!  for some reason it is not always an option, and when it is – unless I am feeling exceptionally motivated towards health, I will always succumb.  For me, the American Hot is like a warm pizza blanket I can shove in my mouth.  To date I have never taken more than 20 minutes to eat this so tonight was a record – it’s because I am trying to chew everything at least 30  times before swallowing.  TO often am I guilty of literally scarfing food


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