New me, New habits: Day 50

Breakfast: actually I didn’t eat breakfast today as I went for a run as soon as I woke

Exercise: Bae and I decided to go to the spa (I have membership) and I had the great idea to run there “it’s only 1.4 miles” “we will feel better than we had run than if we took the the tube”

I am definitely not a natural runner! We managed to get there after a lot of America stopping to catch my breath. It was worth it as although I felt like I wanted to die every minute of the running, now I know I have done it I feel like I want to keep doing it.

Lunch: we walked around looking at cafes and decided on Nandos. Yes I know, not the most healthy choice right? Well I was actually pleasantly surprised at the variety of healthy foods on offer.

Of course you must get chicken at Nandos and I opted for the five chicken wings (medium spice) with sides of superfood salad (Grains, greens and beans with an avocado & buttermilk dressing) and macho peas (peas, parsley, mint and chilli)


Dinner: I am still thinking about those Hirata steams buns and after a vale int effort at running and being reasonably productive he rest of the day I decide Wagamama is the place to order from for tonight

The Korean BBQ and red onion bun was on point

I’m sorry I can’t say the same for the Pork Belly and apple bun, but the bread was too soggy by the time I got to it!



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