New Day, New Habits: Day 51-52

Woke up and despite the initial tiredness from a very unnecessary late night, I was looking forward to the hot yoga class.

Day 51

Breakfast: kept it simple and had lots of water and a tea with milk and no sugar.  Wanted to keep the stomach empty for…

Exercise: Did 60 minutes of Hot Power Yoga at The Flying Yogi. (note: when the instructor say “it’s a bit more flowy” – read this as you will be doing intense yoga nonstop for an hour in a hot (but not too hot ) room.  Thankfully the instructor talked us all through each exercise and was great at explaining the reasoning behind each pose.  Ended with a lovely yet intense neck and head massage with fresh smelling herbs

Lunch: A great Chicken Roast with Yorkshire puddings and the trimmings at Bae’s parents’ house.


Dinner: we received so much leftovers that we ended up picking at the chicken and veggies for dinner.

Day 52

Breakfast: Tea with milk and no sugar, an apple

Exercise: I consider the fact we were setting up and selling at a car boot sale all day to be some sort of exercise.

Lunch: Iranian bread stuffed with Salade Oliveh – a very worthy Russian/Persian potato salad (with cut up cornichons, you cant go wrong really)

Dinner: Roast second day in a row that I didn’t have to cook!  (It’s great living near family) Lovely Lamb Rack Roast at my dads


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